Keep ridin’ the river, Joe Boy…

Attempted to see a basketball game after work today. One of my coworkers, E.E., is on a team through… something… and I told him I’d go see his game if he and his wife, S., came to my show.

Well as it happens he hurt his neck last weekend– something with one of his sons’ wrestling stuff at school– so they didn’t make it. But lest we forget: I’m awesome, so I still went to the game.

Except that the other team didn’t show up.

So we just hung out at the elementary school gym watching E.E.’s team play a little 4-on-3 amongst themselves before heading to Famous Dave’s for a li’l BBQ. Mmmmmmm-mm-mm.

Checked out four more DVDs from the library tonight. Picked up Finding Neverland, The Hours, Showboat, and Children of Dune. I’m watching Showboat right now and thanking the gods I don’t live in such a world. Sure it’s pretty enough, all that Technicolor, but the racism and corsets and throwin’ random trash into the river would drive me to drink. And drink. And drink.

These women. Criminy.  And Kathryn Grayson? “Oh… Oh… Oh… I’m sorry sir… Oh… My, sir… I mean, that is… Oh… I beg your pardon, sir… Oh, but… Oh…”

Oh God and her voice!! Ugh! It’s one of this wavering, quivering, weirdo Snow White things, but with an a broader range. Ugh ugh ugh. How and why was that ever a popular style??

And I do not for a moment buy that this woman has a white dad and a black mom. Sorry. Nope.

Old Man River
– Kern, Hammerstein

You and me, we sweat and strain
Bodies all achin’ and wracked with pain
Tote that barge and lift that bale
Ya get a little drunk and ya lands in ja-ail

I gets weary and so sick of tryin’
I’m tired of livin’, but I’m feared of dyin’
And Ol’ Man River, he just keeps rollin’ along


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