Blushing Walrus

Watching Joyeux Noel and indulging the faux-Swede in me by munchin’ on some Anna’s ginger cookies. They remind me of Christmases at Grandma and Grandpa’s house on the island; of the dining room table filled with bowls of various doughs and batters and sprinkles and powdered sugar, and the rolls of wax paper, and cookie cutters, and pans with rusted edges, and the kitchen hot from the oven, and classical music coming in from the living room, and Grandma bustling around keeping everything moving along while showing Bekah and me how to make all different kinds of traditional Swedish cookies and treats.

I don’t really know what I am other than German, but I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Swedes. :)

Got a call from In Tandem yesterday about volunteering this week for the UPAF thing at State Fair, and about volunteering to usher for “Mass Appeal.” I’ll have to check to see when I’m free for that. I like volunteering for them. And seeing the show for free? Well that’s nice too! ;)

In an interesting and cheering turn of events, Jane also called to let me know I’m one of the folks they’re going to be calling about auditioning for one of their shows next spring. I think it goes up in April. Or maybe it’s that the audition is in April. Whatever– very neat. :D

I just hope it doesn’t overlap with the things I’m interested in trying out for at Sunset and Civic. I know the competition will be pretty tough for the In Tandem show so it’s not really that likely to come about, but still, if it does work out I’d hate to see it replace the opportunity to work with two other theatres I’ve so enjoyed working with. Especially with the rough time Sunset is having. I don’t want to miss out on a chance to work there one last time (if that’s what it comes to for them), even though the In Tandem show would pay.

A lot.

I wish I spoke French. I’m watching an interview with the J.N. director and the sound of his language is just fascinating.

Why do we fight? How do you convince people with fact, with honesty, that they ought to go shoot someone? I call we switch to hand-to-hand combat between the people running the countries that are fighting. Maybe give ’em a month to train, first. You know: give the old white guys at least somewhat of a chance so things are a bit more even (otherwise it’s just no fun to watch), and then put ’em in the ring and say ‘All right, you guys duke it out. We’re gonna go have a sandwich. And we want this figured out by the time we get back. You don’t *have* to fight, you can talk, too. Just, you know, figure it out. We’ll have dessert after our sandwiches; give ya’ a little extra time…’

Mmmm… sandwich… Gotta go!


Why have a sandwich when you can have mac ‘n’ cheese?

Watching March of the Penguins with Alfred. He’s into penguins. Penguins ‘n’ narwhals, but penguins mostly.

I’m with Alfred– Penguins are pretty cool. We learned about them in fourth grade. With Miss D. Good times.

Too bad we don’t do our best “mate attracting” when our bellies are so full they’re distended. Lucky penguins…

In other news, my YouTube videos have been watched a cumulative total of 1,996 times. Weird, no? They’re long, rambly, and about nothing of any relevance or import. At all. Ever. 1,996. And I haven’t posted a new one in over 3 months, so the timing is weird, too.

I’d still be posting if I had a better recording program. I don’t know how to record video using my built-in webcam. *sigh* I know… I know… I’m an idiot… I just haven’t really done much looking around for programs I can use, and the only thing I’ve already got on hand is the program that goes with my crappy Logitech cam that I bought last fall and refuse to use.

Man… these penguins are kinda sweet and romantic… And those two are totally gettin’ it on… I should probably cover Alfred’s eyes for this part. :P Gotta go!


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