Wanted: CAD Monkey

I want to hire someone to work in IT here. I’d like to bring them on in summer. They’d have to be able to use AutoCAD (or be able to learn it quickly) because most days there’s not enough IT work to keep them busy all day every day. They’d have to be able to work with our server, Microsoft Exchange, etc.

Know anybody who fits that bill? Get me their resume. I’m going crazy here.


It’s snowing again. I thought we were done with this. :( I got a weather alert 2 days ago that it would start snowing last night, but there was a chance it might hit south of us so we’d be fine. Not so, it seems.

It’s pretty to look at, but I’m tired of braking blocks before a stop in 30 mph zones. And everything smelled so deliciously springy  up ’til today.

Hurry, Global Warming! Hurrrrrry!!

Went home early yesterday. I keep thinking I’m getting better and then I get slammed. Phooey. It was good to get some uninterrupted sleep, though. I liked that. :)

Jenny, Caitlin, Lexy, Mandy: You guys wanna come watch a movie at my place tonight? I have “Sybil” from Blockbuster…


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