I *heart* Sun Chips

I’m eating half of a totally awesome foot long seafood sub from Subway while watching Where The Buffalo Roam and trying not to compare Bill Murray’s and Johnny Depp’s Hunter S. Thompson portrayals. It’s interesting to see the characteristics both of their portrayals share, like maybe in that we’re really seeing something of who the guy really was.

And Peter Boyle is awesome in this.

We were let out of work at noon today because driving conditions were so bad with the snow. Stupid snow.

Came home, ate some pizza and mint chocolate chip ice cream, and watched the 198 minute re-release of Sybil. Surfed the net… a lot… Watched The Beauty Academy of Kabul. Surfed the net. Watched the extra features, sneezed and sneezed and sneezed. Realized I was out of new movies to watch. Packed up my gear and hit up Blockbuster. The roads were less than fantastic. Hit up Subway. Went big time with my order– got the MEAL.

Oh yeah.

Bring it on, Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips.


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