Godspell and Carrie: The first sin was intercourse.

“I know not, sir, whether Bacon wrote the works of Shakespeare, but if he did not it seems to me that he missed the opportunity of his life.”
James M. Barrie

From Libraryspot.com: “The U.S. Census Bureau reported that 17.2 percent of Americans ages 25 or older had completed a bachelor’s degree as of 2005. About 30 percent had graduated from high school.”

I hope that if I ever have kids I am able to decide on a name sooner than when the kid is three weeks old. :S


I just finished watching Godspell and when it first started up there was so much in the imagery that I just did. not. understand.

“Jesus is a crying clown,” for example.

A lot of really sweet moments, though. And GREAT staging and use of “found” items. I mean really really visually engaging. The costumes, the hair, the dancing, the songs– oh God, the songs are as great and memorable as ever!- it was truly a delight. An occasionally weird but always entertaining delight…

…which missed the point entirely.

Even from a non-religious standpoint, even just as an oft-retold cultural myth, the point of the story- the point of the whole book– is that Jesus. Comes. Back!

And in the movie you come to love him, you love the love his “followers” have for him; it’s beautiful, it’s touching, he’s betrayed, he dies, they carry him away singing… and then the credits roll!

I was sitting here near tears (believe me: I was as surprised as you that this hippie Bible story got me so good), on the edge of my seat about what cool way the director and the writers would work the resurrection into a retelling of the Jesus story that involves roller skates on rooftops, when they delivered a disappointment that far outweighed the plot points that had made it so enjoyable up until that point: Jesus didn’t come back.

So why’d they do it this way? I’m not seeing their read on it. I don’t understand why they’d tell this story- which comes with a built-in awesome ending (the ultimate good guy wins the ultimate battle!)- and then undercut the whole thing by leaving him dead. What’s up with that?



Now I’m watching Carrie and… Did ANYONE’s high school locker room resemble this one? I mean– who even had time to take a shower at the end of gym class? Let alone have time to feel themselves up porno style out in the open where all the other girls can see you?

And how is it possible that every girl in Carrie’s class- without exception- is that susceptible to mob mentality that they’d attack a screaming, crying, naked girl, wailing for help, and clearly confused beyond reason about getting her period?

Anyone read the original story? How does King play this out in the book?

And were *any* of the actresses who played the main girls *anywhere* near 18? And is the ugly one the secretary from “Ferris Bueler’s Day Off”?

Also: That gym teacher is totally kicking ass right now. I would gladly go back in time, become a gym teacher, and get a girlfriend if it meant I could chew those bitches out like that. Hot diggity!

And now: Back to the crazy.


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