“Maybe I should’a given you the two bucks, huh?”

I’m eating Topper Stix and watching Scrooged and drinking cranberry grape juice with Island Blue Pucker. I’m going out later, but only because my copy of Where the Buffalo Roam is due back at Blockbuster today and I don’t want a late fee. :P

And Scrooged? It’s awesome.

I just read a bunch of really weird, unexpected things on Factropolis.com. Is all (any) of this true?? I kinda hope so…

  • New Zealand is home to more than 100 varieties of pubic lice.
  • Many Native Americans are highly allergic to marshmallows.
  • Susan B. Anthony became a devout follower of the Santeria religious movement, and was posthumously given the title “high priestess.”
  • Coal miners have an increased probability of fathering twins.
  • Regulation bowling balls may legally have a minimum of one and a maximum of four finger holes.
  • Weeks after he was born, doctors removed a small, partially developed womb from Sigmund Freud’s abdomen.

It’s the Freud one that I just don’t buy. Wish I could, though…


Two more DVDs under the ol’ belt. First was a (very short) mini-doc about Ray Bradbury. More like an interview, really. The second was a Suze Orman DVD about… stuff. But I can’t stay up any longer. Forget going to Blockbuster to make this return. It’s bed time for the walrus ‘n’ me.


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