Expendable Darjeeling

I’m watching “The Darjeeling Limited” and I’m on the short film that plays before the movie. I have to say I really do like Natalie Portman so much more in this than in anything else I’ve ever seen her in. She should probably just STOP doing other stuff and get this re-released every other year, maybe just change the location of her bruises each time to keep the scene fresh. Also: she makes me not want to eat any more.

NP: “Whatever happens in the end I don’t want to lose you as my friend.”

JS: “I promise I will never be your friend. No matter what. ever.”

The blues and yellows in that final shot are gorgeous. Man… I want Wes Anderson to direct my life. Also: I desperately want to visit India. Like: right right right right now.

Sunset Playhouse is doing Fame next summer. Let me begin by saying I don’t know the show well but have a sneaking suspicion it ain’t my bag. Still and all, though, I kinda have this nagging little thought of maybe working out really hard for like three months leading up to the auditions and practicing the songs and stuff and then auditioning. It’d just be such a drag if I put in all that effort and didn’t make it. Not that I wouldn’t get a lot out of the exercise and the vocal work, it would just be such a bummer to try so hard for an audition and then get turned down when generally I put no work whatsoever into ANY audition. Maybe I wish I wasn’t spoiled by that.

You know what? Nevermind. Because the real drag would be getting cast as filler due to low turn out at auds and huffing and puffing my way through alongside *actual* teens. Okey doke. Decision made!

So who’s up for a train trip through India with me? Let’s pack nothing but passports, money, and cameras.

No seriously. How about this October? I play on taking a lot of pictures, seeing a lot of places, buying something beautiful, and learning to dance


So I just put in She’s The Man (shut up) and the trailers are pushing me farther towards homicidal than I’ve ever been.

Trailer #1: Failure to Launch. I’ve seen this movie, actually. I don’t remember why or how. It looked stupid to me, I didn’t want to see it, but somehow I still saw it, and as expected I didn’t like it. Why did I see it? Agh!! I can’t remember!! Did someone *make* me see it? Whatever. It sucked.

Trailer #2: Season 2 of Laguna Beach. Ohhhhhhhhh my God. If they all developed leprosy and were then dropped into that perpetually burning mine in Centralia, PA that would be awesomer than I care to confess quite this close to Easter. Did you ever see that video of Jason Mraz when he was on Mad TV and they did a Laguna Beach parody? Hee hee hee… Actually it might’ve been a parody of The OC. I– I’m not really sure…

Trailer #3: All You Got. Never heard of it? Yeah. Me neither. The IMDB entry doesn’t even have a cover pic featured. I have never seen so much head shaking and finger wagging in my life. Hurry, Osama! Huuurrrrry!! We need you now more than ever…

And so far “She’s The Man” makes me want to throw up all of the food I’ve eaten since Tuesday and then lock my sister up so she can’t date any blockheads like the guys on this Cornwall soccer team.

Huh. Amanda Bynes. This is a first for me. Never seen her in anything.  I… I really don’t mind her… I think. She’s kinda cute. :) Granted she mugs worse and more frequently than just about ANYONE I have EVER SEEN in my ENTIRE LIFE on stage or screen. *shakes head* No really: She’s The. Worst. How has she been so successful? Or perhaps a better question is: How is it that the way she acts is so popular? I’ve seen worse, and this isn’t *painful* per se. But yeah: stellar she ain’t.

Still: Lord knows I’d kill a cute baby goat for an opportunity to replace her in even her muggiest flick.

Ack! :( I can’t believe I just said I’d kill a cute baby goat. That’s terrible! :'( Thanks a lot Amanda Bynes. :S


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