“Sorry. Forgi– Cold.”

“Virtue is its own punishment”
Aneurin Bevan

BBC Art and Personality Quiz

Your results

Your favourite type of art is

Japanese ukiyo-e.

In the personality profile you had a high agreeableness score, which suggests you are keen to understand others’ feelings and put people at ease.

Find out more about your personality test results

People who are the same age and sex as you are most likely to prefer Impressionism. People who also score highly in your dominant personality trait are most likely to prefer


See the art in the experiment and find out more

Experiment results

Scientists are interested in whether there is a connection between your personality type and the kind of art you prefer. Other factors such as your age and sex might affect your art preference.

Over 100,000 people took this test, and we passed the data on to psychologists. Find out what they discovered.

Read about the experiment results

Does the art you enjoy match your personality?

We designed the experiment to look at whether people with different personality types like different forms of art. In previous studies researchers have found that:

  • People who prefer abstract art tend to be more conservative, dogmatic, and are often sensation seekers.
  • People who are open to new experiences are less likely to enjoy looking at realistic paintings. They seek something more atypical and challenging.
  • People with low emotional stability tend to prefer abstract and pop-art paintings.
  • People who score high in agreeableness like paintings and tend to dislike forms like pop-art.
  • People who like representational paintings may also be more conscientious than average.

It’s less clear how extraversion ties in with painting preference. Some researchers have found that extraverts like modern art more than introverts, but others have found exactly the opposite pattern.


A “poetry free-for-all” from EveryPoet.com:

David Mascellani

I ate
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for yourself

They were off
and made me sick
expect to hear
from my lawyers


“I’m Just Saying”
by David Mamet

I’m just saying.
I ate the plums
the freezer.
For breakfast,
saving for, listen,
no, list– oh fuck
me…. I’m… I…
forgive me, for breakfast.
Sorry. Forgi– Cold.
Yeah, cold.
And delicious.


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