Vaudeville is dead. Long live vaudeville.

I’m watching Gypsy… still… eating sushi from the new Fujiyama location on Bluemound, drinking Diet Mt. Dew and Blue Island Pucker, and wondering if I want to clean the living room tonight or do the dishes. ‘Cause lemme tell ya’: I ain’t doin’ both.

I’m watching the scene by the train station and the echo on that sound station is just so loud and obvious… Couldn’t they do anything about that? I mean– it’s not like the singing we’re hearing is them singing live, you know? Practically EVERYTHING is recorded later and added in, so why the bother with the sound stage?

Rosalind Russell is singing that “Everything’s Coming Up Roses” song. Didn’t know that came from this show. Hm. She’s great in this role, but ohhhhh is this role obnoxious. I’m really not enjoying this movie at all. I just want to know how it ends. I figure I should know more about some of the more well known musicals, you know? I’ve never been that into them, and I don’t have what it takes to perform in them so I don’t really pursue them, but I know so many people who *do* know them and talk about them that it’d be nice to finally have some clue what the heck they’re talking about.

I’m torn. Am I glad vaudeville is dead, or do I wish it was still around to give my more musically inclined peers another place to try to make a few bucks?? Lord knows I don’t care to attend…

Oh God. What the hell is the deal with “cute” girls having to be blonde, having to sound like they’re Jews from Joyzee, and only being able to squeal and wail through their noses amidst whines ‘n’ peals over every last thing? Good grief this is grating…


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