Pat Morita: Elevator Dancer

I’m watching Thoroughly Modern Millie and it’s the scene where Millie and Jimmy are out on the ledge of the building and whenever the guy leans too far forward he starts to become invisible. How did they green screen these things back then? Or– well it was blue then, no? How did they do it with the technology of the day? I mean, fake as it looks, I’m still pretty impressed with what they were able to do considering it was 1967.

I forgot how much I enjoy this movie. I saw it once when I was much much younger and I forgot how fun it is. I know it can be a bit hammy, but I like the little looks Julie Andrews gives to the camera before the text pops up, and the subplot of stealing away the girls from the hotel, and EVERY scene with Carol Channing. Particularly any scene in which she overcomes attacking aggressors with her voice and a few jazz moves. :D And oh God this fellow playing playing Trevor Graydon— what a square jawed, dull as a boxa, pipe-smokin’, piece of blow gun dart bait. Too too funny! He belongs in a Dover boys cartoon. ;)

Fun as it is, though, mayhaps there are a few too many plots.

Still– we get to see “Chinamen” (one of whom is Pat Morita!) tap dancing in an elevator. And when is that not a lark?

Boy Mary Tyler Moore sure has a lot of wrinkles in her face to be playing such a young character… I find it hard to believe she was only 31 when this was made, actually. I mean– she’s aged extremely well, but really: the wrinkles in her face in this thing… I’ve nothing against wrinkles but these are surprising!


One of our vendors gave us four free tickets to the opening day game tomorrow at Miller Park– Brewers/Giants.

E.E. took two and gave them to his wife and one of her girlfriends, and I got the other two and am taking my mother. They’re fourth row seats in a suite above the press box right behind home plate. Nice, eh? And a free parking pass, and a guest pass into the Metavante club.

Whoa. I just looked up the club online and there’s a $25 per person fee if you don’t cancel your reservations with more than a three hour notice. What the heck kinda fancy pants place am I taking us to?


I was checking my Yahoo email and the ad to the left came up.

*tsk tsk tsk*

This girl clearly wants to be me.

That scarf? I have it; it’s from Target.

Blonde hair? My hair is blonde.

Vision? I can see.

*tsk tsk tsk*

What a poser.


A director of mine called me yesterday to see if I was available to baby-sit his kids tomorrow night. Such great kids. I sat them once before and the 8(?) year old daughter had softball practice and so the 6(?) year old son and I played on the playground at the park. He showed me his dance, which I taped with my camera to show to him, and we just generally had a really great time. And then one of the coaches came over to tell me the daughter was throwing up. Just what a baby sitter wants to be told. :S

I carried her on my back about a quarter of a mile back to the minivan (with a broken odometer; just what a baby sitter wants to see) and took them home for pizza and about an hour of playing pretend before watching cartoons in the parents’ bed until they got home.

It’s kids like theirs that make me want to have kids of my own some day. They’re just great, fun kids who get along with their folks and each other and who are always up for a game of make believe. Just what a baby sitter wants to hear. :)


Now I’m watching Nicholas Nickelby. I’m on Part 2. Some really excellent performances in this. The good people aren’t totally annoying and whiny, and the bad people aren’t totally one-sided and obnoxious.

Well, except the mother. She’s obnoxious. And an absolute twit.

I’m catching up on so many movies, and I like that. But this is really a pathetic way to spend my evenings. I come home, put away a few things, make myself a sandwich or something, set up my computer on the ottoman, and pop in a flick. I’ll watch two, maybe three movies a night depending on how long or depressing any of them might be. Then I hop in the shower, then I get into bed with Alfred and a book and read until midnight or 1, and then go to sleep ’til 7. Get up, go to work, start the whole process over again.

“The process” needs to be something that’s a better use of my free time, and “Alfred” needs to be a dude.


May hit the sack early tonight. I plan on going crazy with my mother tomorrow. She’s one of my best friends you know. I sure do love that woman. My God am I blessed.


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