“Tea can do many things, Jane, but it can’t bring back the dead.”

I’m watching Death At A Funeral and even the incomparable Alan Tudyk couldn’t save it. And the woman playing his fiance is in no way a remotely sympathetic character (I don’t mean she had to be nice, I just mean she had to be human or– or SOMETHING worthwhile so you care about her plight as a character) and I so hoped she would at least be tolerable. As it stands I can’t even remember her name. I can’t remember any of the names. Unfortunately I do remember the guy getting shit on his hand and cheek. Good God.

Tag line? “From director Frank Oz comes the story of a family that puts the F U in funeral.” *shakes head*

Poorly directed, poor acting choices, nothing– nothing really stood out at all. Except the opening credit roll. That was kinda good. Oh- and Peter Dinklage. One of the comments near the bottom of his IMDB page mentions him as a possibility for playing Tyrion Lannister in the much whispered about/hoorahed about HBO adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones.” I almost want to set up an IMDB account so I can get involved in that conversation. Almost.

This one’s a big “don’t bother.”

Coming up: Part 3 of Nicholas Nickelby and 6″ of seafood sub. Alfred’s almost as excited as I am. He’s really got to calm down or he’ll never sleep tonight.

ETA: What the crap?! I thought “Nicholas Nickelby” was a 4-parter but it’s only a 2-parter, so apparently I’ve seen it all. I wondered what the heck could happen after the last scene I saw…

At least I had “Dial “M” for Murder” waiting in the wings. And tomorrow I’m off to the library to restock. *sigh* Library movies… *shakes head*


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