Where can I find her, a woman like that, like Jessie’s girl?

“Reality is something you rise above.”
Liza Minelli


In rather shocking news here at Dad’s Roofing Company, Inc., one of our sales guys, E.E., called me up on Saturday to inform me that his wife S. E.- the one who sat next to me at the baseball game on Friday- had suffered a mini-stroke some time during the 7th inning and was in the hospital undergoing an MRI at the time of his call.

She’s 30.

At the time her speech was slurred- when she could speak- her vision was blurry- when she could see, and her brain was swelling for no discernible reason. They think it might have been stress induced. Stress? Yeah, I imagine a few of us have heard of that.

They are an amazing couple. Different in all the right ways, similar in all the right ways, great relationship, three wonderful kids; all in all a very committed, loving, young family.

She’s 30.

I know there are incidences every year of people having strokes, heart attacks, etc. at unexpectedly young ages and at seemingly triggerless times. But it hits home so hard when it’s someone you know.

Two of the symptoms that S.E. had which tipped doctors off to the fact that it was probably a stroke were a sudden extremely painful headache in the back of her head, and pupils dilated to the point that there was almost no iris color still visible. Had E.E. known that these were indicators he could’ve taken her to the emergency room almost 24 hours sooner.

Please please please take a quick peak through this article on WebMD. I know an online article isn’t the best means of learning about life saving tips and symptoms to watch for, but even an online overview has got to be better than no prior knowledge at all, right? I just never thought… 30 years old… It’s worth knowing more about, especially if it can be brought on for reasons other than age, genetics, pre-existing conditions, etc.


Just found out I’ll be performing in Spiral Theatre‘s production of “Wait Until Dark” this July. Too cool, man! I’m still waiting to hear who all else is in it. There wasn’t a formal audition so I didn’t get to see what all of Spiral’s choices were but based on people who’ve given truly exceptional performances there in the past I have a few ideas and let me tell you: I. Am. Excited. If Mark brings out his first string here then this is going to be PHENOMENAL. I know the tickets are higher priced than at his previous location, but if this goes as well as I think it will, this will be a show that is not to be missed. Yay Mark!!

There are only six performances of this one so it’ll take some planning ahead. It runs Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm on July 11 and 12, 18 and 19, and 25 and 26.

I’ll be playing the part of Susy Hendrix, a blind woman who… does a bunch of stuff. I won’t get into it. Look it up. Or don’t. If you’ve seen the movie version, this is the party Audrey Hepburn played, and oh boy do I hope people aren’t expecting to see a Hepburn-esque performance, ’cause “statuesque” I sure as hell ain’t.

The show will be running at Bucketworks on 6th and Vliet. Tix are higher by $5 here: $20 for non-Bucketworks members, $15 for members. Though if you think you’ll see a few shows there this year it’s worth joining to be able to get the discount and to use their space. Holy cow, man. This is NOT the same Bucketworks that was over on MLK the past few years. Wow. Total overhaul. Every reservation I had about working there (which, to be fair, was based largely in part on who I’d’ve been working with) is gone and I now plan on joining.

If you have time to head down there you MUST arrange a tour with James Carlson, one of the guys running the place. And Erin: if you go, ask him about the “Lego” wedding and the remote control car race.


I think I’m going to subscribe to Wired. I always enjoy the online articles. I think I’d get a kick out of being able to bring it around with me. And it’s $10 bucks for a year’s subscription. Not bad, eh?


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