Lesbian? I thought she was a pisces…

I’m  watching Bend It Like Beckham.

I’m supposed to be watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest but the library didn’t have it.


So far “BILB” is…  well… It’s not great. Keira Knightley is skinnier in this flick than I’ve ever seen her, and not in a good way. I’d love to look about half as thin as that myself, truth be told. But honestly dear heart: Put a bloody shirt on. You look unhealthily thin. In that white top? Super cute. In the sports bra? Not, erm… not your best look. Maybe that’s how she looked so cute in those Pirates movies: She was clothed.

The main girl is a cutie pie herself. Is that leg scar/plot point real?

I think I want to hang strands of Christmas lights parallel across my living room ceiling. Ah- but how to plug in the ends?

It’s not a bad story. I mean– it’s a bit predictable in that standard film fare kind of way, but enjoyable nonetheless ’cause of the cultural differences you get to see depicted in a very non-let’s-celebrate-diversity kind of way. Always fun.

Angry Momma: Get your lesbian feet out of my shoes!
Indian Grandmomma: Lesbian? I thought she was a pisces…

I totally want an Indian wedding, minus about 80% of the gayness of the way the straight guys are dancing. The gay guys can dance as gay as they gay well please. But the straight guys? Come on, guys. Less hip swaying, more obnoxious machismo and posturing, if you please.

Hm… For anyone who doesn’t know me that probably sounded fairly awful…

Whoa! I just recognized an Indian actress! How weird is that?? It’s this older woman who plays the grandmother in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam!

Oh no. Don’t you dare do the predictable Indian movie ending. Oh no you don’t… Oh phew!

Yeah. Cute moments, but don’t bother unless you can rent it for free from the library.


I’ve moved on to Time Bandits. Wow– what a cast list. I’m literally just up to the title flashing onto the screen and am already wondering if I should pause this to enjoy it with other people this weekend. This is awesome.



  1. I love Terry Gilliam. I could watch a corporate training video directed by him. He has horrible taste in hairstyles, but is amazingly talented behind the camera.

    Oh, and I disagree about Knightley in BILB.

    1. 1) What on EARTH made you read this 2 year+ old post? Genuinely curious. I opened it pretty much at random to do a spelling edit and 10 minutes later there’s a comment from you on it…

      2) So, what then? You think she was… what? What was my opinion on her in this?? *scrolls up* Oh yeah: Too damn skinny. All her bendy parts just looked so sharp and pokey. :(

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