Saint Brigid?

“Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.”
John Kenneth Galbraith


Why isn’t she allowed to say “the Muslim community was “destroying our country and imposing its acts”.” Why must she pay thousands of euros for that?

I don’t care what religion you’re referring to; if you think its presence in your country is an entirely negative one, or perhaps only encourages certain negative things, you MUST say so, because few things in this world- organizations, ideologies, etc.- have such deeply seated, far reaching influence on mankind as his religious beliefs.

I mean– look at this country. Look at all the awful nonsense that’s been pulled since people first landed here, all in the name of the Christian church. I’m a Christian and I have a problem with people doing that, and with the particular things they’re doing. And I expect people who aren’t to have an even bigger problem with that.

They should speak up, and so should I.

And so should Brigitte Bardot.


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