Always… sunscreen… something something…

My sister’s high school graduation ceremony was today. Yay Bekah Rose! Mimi was in town for it so my folks and David and Mimi and I went there this afternoon to watch.

It’s only the second high school graduation I’ve ever attended, the other being my own. I think it’s pretty safe to say that after today I will do everything in my power to never attend another high school graduation ceremony unless one of the people receiving a diploma that day was birthed from mine own loins.

It wasn’t horrible or anything, it was just really long and really boring. One of the guys gave a fun speech, but the rest were just– ugh. Lamentable. Who’s the speech teacher these days and why haven’t they been fired?

A lot of “mortarboards worn on the back of the head” amongst the lady types this afternoon. If there’s one thing dippier looking than wearing a graduation cap, it’s wearing a graduation cap on the back of your head. Especially with that *receding neck* pose you have to maintain to keep the cap from sliding off in spite of your best efforts to bobby pin it in place. Two girls lost theirs while walking across the stage to receive their diplomas because of this dippierness.

*chuckles* I am so glad I don’t have to wear one of those ever again!

The stuff with the fam was fun. That Bekah’s a sweet girl. I like her. I took a bunch of video clips throughout the afternoon, but then my battery died around the time the ceremony itself ended so I missed a lot.

One of the things I missed catching– but it’s just as well because had I caught it on tape, even on accident, it would have been creepy and icky and weird and there’s no way I would have posted it anyway– was this girl who came to the ceremony who was wearing shorts that were so tight and so short that in the five feet from her car door to the side walk she had to pull her shorts out of… um… out of her… yeah… four times. Four. Times. In five feet. And of course she was in a brightly colored top and high heels so you just can’t help but notice her. She couldn’t even walk straight in those things, even after her shoes were off. It was like they’d given her a mad case of thigh-chafe or something.

Oh my gosh. Too funny.

Seriously, dear heart: You have great legs and a tight butt- which won’t last as long as you’d like but by golly you’ve got it now so enjoy it! Dress as sexily as you want, but at least have the sense to do so in clothing that doesn’t have the option of being removed via your throat. There were plenty of lovely, Cosmo Girl! examples of alternatives at the ceremony today. I’m sure with a little creativity you’ll be able to come up with something.

I’d post the video here, but what ends up happening when I do that is that no one rates them or leaves comments on the video’s page on YouTube- they just leave them all here- and that leaves the video’s YouTube page looking abandoned and lonely. So to watch the vid, click here.

I’d give you Bekah’s YouTube username so you could harass her while you’re there, but I’m not sure that she’s even on YouTube, so phooey on that plan. My mom’s got an account though (but no videos). Isn’t that cute?!

Also, I apologize for the chunk from 3:28 to 4:14 where the class treasurer talks about one of the two student gifts. I left it in for my sis (whose speech in DELIGHTFULLY short). So uh, sorry about that part. :P

Aren’t you glad we’re done with high school? Oh Lordy…


For Nicole G.:

See?! You must go. Must.


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