Ridiculosity. From the root “icu” meaning “there you are!”

Well: It’s a toss up.

I embed videos in my blog and people watch them and leave comments in the blog but never on the video’s page, which leaves the video’s page looking all empty, lonely, and unloved.

I link to videos in my blog and fewer people watch them and then leave no comments at all so I don’t know who it is that’s watching.

And I like to know because, you know, I want to be aware so I’m not– so I don’t– I’ll make the same video, but if I know my grandma’s watching it (because apparently she is, according to my mom) then I’m going to be a bit more selective in my language or whatever, you know? Just a “for example.”

And I don’t see it as self-censorship to use one word instead of another because I know lots of words. I did Word Clues.

My first Word Clues word? “Tomahawk” from “tom” meaning “to cut.” Melissa Prah came up with that word when she wrote it in my WC notebook to show me an example of how to do the assignments when I switched into Mrs. W’s class freshman year after spending first semester in Mrs. L’s class.

Yeah. They put me in Mrs. L’s class first semester because I wanted to take Art (offered during Mrs. W’s English class time slot) and they assumed my new interest in an elective ought to supersede my placement in one of the academic classes I also wanted to take. *sigh*


I was Stumbling and saw this quiz for “What Drug Should I Try?” and I haven’t take a quiz in ages so I took it and apparently I should try LSD.

Runner up: Ecstasy

The bronze: ‘Shrooms

Holding up LSD’s flower garland to keep it from brushing the ground: Alcohol

Distant 5th: Pot

The heck?


I’m officially addicted to Polyvore.

Before I used to play Solitaire while on hold on the phone or while watching a boring movie which I can’t turn off because there’ll be nothing else to do. Now instead I’m on Polyvore throwing outfits together.

What I love is creating something super cute and discovering every piece is available from a store I already shop at and the prices on everything are reasonable except for the flower hair clip or the socks or something. They’ll turn out to be $400 Prada socks, or a $250 Jimmy Choo hair clip designed to match a specific pair of shoes from a line that’s been discontinued and is only available used from a style blog out of Austria so you need a translator to navigate the check out page.

Fashion is ridiculous.


Work was hard today.

I’m anxious to start a new job, but am a little afraid, too. There’s always been the family business to fall back on. Now I’m afraid no one else will want me. Or that they’ll think I’m under qualified and not pay me enough for me to pay my bills. Or worse that they’ll think I’m over qualified and either not hire me at all or put me in a higher position that I’m not ready for just because my job responsibilities at the family co. were big ones.


This is nutso. I’m going to bed.


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