Crab: Just Say No!

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I’m at my parents’ house watching Deadliest Catch. Patches is resting by my feet with her head on my knee (I’m sitting cross-legged), I’m full of pizza, Bekah’s at work at her new job at the mall, David is out with his girlfriend picking up his motorcycle from… somewhere… and I just may swear off of crab forever after watching this show.

I’m starting my job search in earnest tomorrow. It’s kind of exciting, but a little intimidating.

Intimidating like– well like when you were given an assignment in school to write a paper about anything, provided that it was at least a certain length when you were finished. I can take a job where I do anything, provided that I earn at least a certain amount.

Aaahhh!! Too open-ended!!

Patches has shifted with me. She’s now resting her head on my ankle. I love having a dog around.

Rehearsals for “Wait Until Dark” start tomorrow night at Bucketworks. Don’t know what time yet, though. Hm. The show will be good, I think. I only know who four of the cast members are (including myself), but as long as we do our thing and we do it well, and as long as Mark Hooker has enough of a hand in it (it seems it’s being guest directed…), it’ll be good.

Is crab really tasty enough to warrant people subjecting themselves to jobs like the ones in this show? Mercy mercy me…


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