“If they wanna kiss my ass, well they better do it fast, ’cause we're all gonna die someday.”

Saturday Night

Aside from the fact that my yellow tank had small, darker yellow flowers on it, my shoes also had brown and a zipper on them, and my jacket is fur-lined, this was *exactly* my night last night: ———->

Yes, my Saturday. Which ended nice and early with a book and my bed.

But not before getting two messages on MySpace from some guy named Peter whose profile is set to private and who is talking to me like we know each other.

Do I know a Peter?

And now I’m dressing to eat pancakes and then go to my folks’ place to love them up. I love them.

Might even try to memorize some of my lines, maybe work on who the heck my character is since as of right now I have no idea and barely care.

Oh shoot. And I should work on my resume, too. Dangit.

I don’t want a job. I want a life.


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