Monday Monday *bah bah bah-bah-bah*

“Boy it sure is Monday…”

I’m watching “The Road to Wellville” and wondering what on earth I’m going to do about “Wait Until Dark.” I gave one of the dullest, most uninspired reads of my life tonight.

I just don’t know to do with her, who she is, what’s going on… I felt like such a dope. :S

I’m very excited about it, though, because three of the actors in it gave *awesome* reads. One of them, Randall, and I were cast in a show together several years ago, but something came up and he had to leave the show so we only worked together for about a week. He’s got this great vocal quality and a very fun read on his character.

The other two, Brian and Matthew, were in a show together last season, and I’ve done a couple of shows with Matthew myself, and they’re going to be great too! They’re both creepy in all the right ways. Very. Creepy.

God I hope I figure something out. And fast…

Geez. Aside from the weird food and the colonics, I could totally do this whole Road to Wellville thing.

Minus Dana Carvey’s George character, too. *jibbly jibbly jibbly* The kid who plays young George is also weird looking. Very weird looking. I almost don’t know which George is creepier, really.

I could go for some Ramen noodles. Perhaps– perhaps I shall have some…


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