Mimi and my brother are flying to Niger this Monday afternoon. There’s a huge part of me that wishes I could join them, but I just don’t feel drawn to go for the same reasons they’re going. That, and it’s HOT in Niger. Did you know this? HOT. One of those “120 degrees in the shade” type countries.

Giraffes = Abundant? Yes.

Giraffes > Extreme Heat? No.

They have a stop in Casablanca. Cool, eh?

I found their flights and booked ’em a couple months back. In and out on Air Morocco. I’d like to visit Morocco one of these days. I priced it out on Sidestep and it’s around $1,600 if you fly out of O’Hare and have a stop at some Mohammad Something Or Other airport in Amsterdam.

Man… I can’t even imagine how much Dramamine I’d have to take to be able to handle a flight like that. Yowch.

Went out with Jen and her boyfriend Richard tonight. Had a drink and some mozz sticks, went for an hour long walk along the river in downtown Waukesha, went someplace else for another drink and a lot of sitting and gabbing. Such nice people. And luckily Jen’s a talker like me. ;) Poor Richard. ;)

And now, exhaustion sets in and I bid you all good night. Sweet dreams to you all of rivers, midnight walks with friends, and trips to Morocco…

Ahhh- lovely. “Amazigh,” even…

Also: I think it’s time we all started wearing more lightweight white tunics during the warm summer months. Heavy denim jeans and tight fitting t-shirts? *pfft* Pure silliness!!


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