Waukesha Flood Pictures

Before putting together the video from the last entry I had to get my editing stuff together, and I realized as I did so that I pretty much do the same stuff every time I sit down to edit videos, so I figured I’d make a video of how I make videos.

:P *plbbbbbbbt*

I got all that together intending to do work on video footage I got today of the flooding in Waukesha, but it was kind of a daunting task what with all the video I took, and the one with Bekah and Patches just needed a title page and a quick fade, so I ditched the harder one in favor of the Bekah/Patches one. *meh* What can I say- I’m lazy. And those two girls are just so darn cute!

I’ve moved on to “Kon-Tiki” and will start on the flood videos later, but for now, a few pictures from my walk through Waukesha this afternoon…

[Image 1 of 4] The blue line indicates how far the edge of the river generally reaches if the water is very high in the Spring time.

The red line indicates where the path leads under the bridge.

There’s generally clearance of about 8′ at that point (currently only about 1.5 ft), allowing you to walk comfortably beneath the bridge, yet to still be close enough to the underside of it for taller walking companions to threaten you with loosened, and therefore angered, spiders from the bridge webs.


And this is nothing. The water is so high that at the next bridge down the river there is NO clearance whatsoever. I stood with a woman and her two daughters as we watched a fallen tree wrestle its way under the zero clearance bridge and out the other side. Pretty crazy…

[Image 2 of 4] All of the walkways in the area are completely submersed.

Submersed? Submerged?

Anyway… The water in the picture to the right– can you see how far down that black railing reaches? There’s still more to it; it finishes a few feet farther down below the water. This is one of the sidewalks that lines the river. This *is* the River Walk.

Scary to think all the gross trash that’s going to be dredged up and left behind on these walkways when the water finally recedes. :P

I was actually just down on this particular riverwalk on Friday night with friends and I remember marveling at all of the leaves and sticks and things that had been left behind on it from previous storms the week before. Negligible now. :S

[Image 3 of 4] The red line indicates how much farther down the stairs go beneath the water.

The blue line indicates how far the river generally reaches when there’s the usual amount of high river swelling.

(The structure on the dry land above the flooding is the downtown Waukesha bus terminal stop, and just beyond that is Fave Local Townie Bar.)

[Image 4 of 4] And you know those three bear statues down near the river?

Well the bears finally got their wish: they’re playing deep in the river!

I *think* I’ve circled where the middle bear is. The water is so deep right now that it’s almost completely covered. Sometimes a current will adjust just so and you can catch a glimpse of the top of it’s shoulders, but that’s about it.

As for the other two- *grins*- best fishing they’ve ever had!

I love those statues. They’re actually the reason I wanted to go down there today to get pictures. Kurt Magoon posted some in his Flickr stream, taken at a point in the flooding when you could still actually see the bears, and I just *had* to get down there to see them for myself.

Best part of the river today. :)


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