Weekend Schmeekend

Weekend Schmeekend

Saturday: Awesome storms. Absolutely awesome. And unlike many parts of the country I can say that and *mean* it and *enjoy* it because I wasn’t getting flooded out of any place at any point.

I did wonder for a brief period of time on Saturday afternoon/evening if I ought to mosey on down to the parking garage under my building for fear of being too near a window when a tree branch came crashing into my home, but as it stands that didn’t happen, so all is well.

Went to Fave Local Townie Bar on Saturday night with friends and the place was only “pleasantly full” instead of “annoyingly packed” due to the large number of people who usually drive out from Milwaukee who apparently decided it wasn’t worth the risk to take the 25 minute drive out to the ‘sha just for some decent drink prices and an overly crowded dance floor.

Woo hoo!

I have a response vid I want to make today about “things I love.” (Thanks jallen285!) Here’s hoping I get to it because it’s silly-ish but fun. Then rehearsal at 7. Slightly less worried about the show, but still a bit paranoid. But what’s keeping me busy during the day is that while searching for a new job I’m going to be helping my dad get some stuff started up so he can keep busy and working and all that. Don’t know how it’ll play out yet, but we’ll get it all figured out.

Kind of a complicated arrangement, but everything works out. Sometimes it works out to where you’re brought so low in the process that you almost can’t fathom the losses, but it does work out. And I’m not afraid.


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