6/17/08 Firefox 3 Beta Release

Running the Firefox 3 Beta and so far I’m digging it.

Love the “Awesome Bar” and the bigger “back” button.

ETA: OMG, dawgs. So. Much. Faster.


I’m watching “AFI’s Top Ten Top Tens” with my folks and so far it’s enjoyable, but there are some commentary actor choices I just don’t understand.

1) JESSICA FREAKING ALBA: What does she know? About anything at all? What does she have to say about movies that’s worth hearing? She’s a mediocre actress (I cringe to say that knowing she’s better than I am and will always be infinitely more successful than most people I will ever know), a painfully mediocre interview, and kind of a dip. She seems like a nice enough dip, but still: she’s a dip all the same. Let’s hear from someone with something relevant to say.

2) JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT: Almost as bad as Alba showing up on this list, but at least she’s done more and done it better than Alba ever has. But “I Still Know What You Did last Summer”– aaaaalmost unforgivable. Like “Rise of the Silver Surfer” unforgivable. Almost.

3) Vanessa Williams: Um… what? Whatever. Who cares. Whatever.

And then there are the interview/commentary choices that totally make sense- Isabella Rossalini, George Lucas, James Earl Jones, Lesleyann Warren.

And every time I see Ray Liotta I picture the top of his skull being removed, leaving his brain exposed to be eaten by Anthony Hopkins.

But geez– Jessica Alba? Why don’t we just make Justin Timberlake president of the Academy and call it a day.


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