It’s all about the goodies, baby.

Currently Watching: “In The Realms of the Unreal” for the second time after first watching it last night.

It is awesome. If you’re into documentaries and outsider art, you’ll like this.


On Tuesday afternoon I received the following email in my YouTube inbox (and a similar one in my MySpace inbox):

Dear behnnie, I saw your flooding footage on YouTube and wanted to reach out to you to see if you’re willing to do a quick vlog along with your footage for air on Current TV. We are on a very tight deadline since this is breaking news, obviously it’s an important story to get to our audiences. Please contact me asap if you’re interested, also I notice that you do a lot of other video diary type things and would like to talk to you about further work you may be able to do for Current TV.

My direct line is xxx-xxx-xxxx

please get in touch with me as soon as possible


I called and she said they’re looking for a Wisconsin correspondent and they loved my flood footage and would I be able to pull together a short vlog by the following morning for consideration for the “TV” portion of their website. I told her I’d do what I could, and then today I got a response back from her about the footage I uploaded.

Dear Ruth,Thank you so much for your important contribution to our flood special on Current TV. We all really enjoyed your cute vlog and hope you’ll participate more in the Current community. We would like to offer you $100 for the flood footage, please let me know if you accept this as soon as possible and be sure to include your address and we will get a contract started immediately.

Also, give me your tee-shirt/sweatshirt size and I’ll send you some Current goodies :)



$100 and “goodies”?! Heck– I’d do it just for the “goodies”!

Who am I kidding. I’d do it for free, just as I have been on YouTube all this time.

Current seems pretty cool so far. Neat sense of community. People actively leaving comments, engaging in conversations through them… It’s like YouTube for people over 16. All the videos are documentary style non-fiction. My fave! Every 3 minutes you’re learning something new, and seeing it through the eyes of someone on-the-ground, learning it the way they learned it.

Wow. $100. That’s almost enough for this month’s student loan payment! Hooray!!


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