I am a big, incompetant, unprofessional boob.

I got my dad’s internet up and running at his new office! Hooray! *shakes clasped hands heartily above head before remembering “I’m not a boxer!!”*

I’ve been thinking about Jake M. a lot lately for some reason. (Jake: How are you?)

And to my friend Sarah K. who has been having eventful days right and left lately: Keep on truckin’, little lady. You’re doing beautiful things oh so beautifully.

Time to wrap this up and frantically try to learn a few more lines before rehearsal tonight. We were supposed to be off book last night. Who had their script on stage for most of her scenes anyway? That’s right: ME! *sigh* It’s getting easier now that we’re not changing the set constantly anymore (I hope). I learn lines by doing them in the context of the scene on stage with the other actors, but when I’m constantly having to re-time stuff it just– ugh. It throws me. Because I am a big, incompetent, unprofessional boob.




Pollution to Protest
Posted by Laura Ling on Current.com

“China’s rapid economic growth has stunned the world, making it a global power in a short span of years. It has also produced a staggering amount of environmental damage, which the world is also beginning to note. But it has also done something else spurred ordinary Chinese citizens to start organizing, sometimes in defiance of the government. In the process, they’ve created the beginnings of a civil society that could bring greater freedom overall inside the worlds largest dictatorship.”

And in a timely bit of Stumbling… Olympic nightmare: A red tide in the Yellow Sea


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