Laughter is the best medicine…

…when it’s someone else that’s sick.

I have mixed feelings about last night’s show.

A lot of weird things happened that had to be worked around, and I don’t know if it was stuff you’d notice as an audience or not, but some of it really threw us on stage and it’s got me nervous because our SM will be gone for our closing weekend so… yeah. :P

Also: The audience. Most of the time they were great. Vocally responsive at all the right times. Very nice.

But then they kept laughing- loudly- at the worst times. Like- really stressful, “scary” times where honestly: ain’t nothin’ funny going on here.

And it wasn’t that short, clipped, nervous laughter like you get sometimes during suspenseful shows, but loud, prolonged, repeated laughter at the most distracting times that makes you wonder if you are totally sucking up the scene and doing everything wrong because why the hell else would the entire audience be LAUGHING at a moment like this? It makes you wonder what you’re doing so poorly that suddenly a murder scene is funny, or whose fly is open, or what fell off the set wall when this is the first audience that has ever responded this way.


I asked my parents about it (they came last night, yay!) and they said they didn’t get it either and found it distracting too. That’s nice I guess. Means the cast weren’t the only ones who didn’t understand what was happening.

And then: The cell phone.

It’s actually kind of surprising to me that this was the first time where we had a cell phone go off during a performance of this show, so in that respect we’ve been pretty lucky thus far.

But there we were, second to last scene, everything’s finally boiling down to the final moments of *scare*, and this light, tinkly, fairy music starts to play in the front row of the audience. And then continues to play, and gets louder, as whoever owned “the phone too important to be turned off” retrieved it from their purse.

*sigh again*

Why don’t people listen to the announcement at the beginning and turn their phones off? Why? I’ve heard people say as an excuse for this when its their phone that “I never get calls” and “I forgot I had it with me” and stuff like that. But that just seems irresponsible to me. Stop making excuses. If you never get calls then it won’t matter that your phone’s off because by your own admission you won’t be missing anything if you’re unavailable on it for 2 hours, and when the person giving the curtain speech mentions silencing phones and you own one, do yourself a favor and check to see if you have yours on you. “Forgetting you have it on you” is a stupid, stupid excuse and I absolutely don’t accept it.

And now that it sounds like I hated a theatre full of people last night, allow me to back track… ;)

They actually were a great house overall. Responsive, as I mentioned earlier, and appreciative and just very cool in general. And in addition to my mom and dad being there (yay!), Nicole G., Mark N., and CJ D. were there, as well as Beverly S. and Mary K.. Woo hoo! All people I like. :D

The option of going out to a number of different spots did come up last night after the show, but I mean to tell ya: You run around sweating like that in a show like this and tell me *you* don’t feel ready to fall over into bed when it’s over. I skipped it all and went home. That’s right. Calm and boring, just the way I like it.

Actually, I really hate just going home when shows are over. Especially when I have friends there that I haven’t seen in a while. What happened to me? When did I suddenly get so… old? *shudders uncontrollably for three minutes*

Maybe it’ll pass…


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