These maps were made for walkin’


Go to Google Maps for directions and check out one of their new features: Walking Directions!


You can get directions for if you’re driving someplace, or if you’re walking there. Sweet!!

The directions I tested when looking this up were to a place miles away in Glendale. 21 miles and 34 minutes by car, 18.5 miles and 6 hours, 17 minutes on foot. Yowch. Think I’ll be taking my car… I wonder what walking speed they’re using in their estimate.

You know what would be even cooler? If they integrated local bus/train/tube systems into their maps. “If”? Sorry. Should’ve said “When.” And bike routes would be cool, too. But again: I’d be curious as to just how stinkin’ fast they think I’m like to peddle that sucker.

I’m $1 over my fast food budget for the month right now. Luckily I have casserole I can reheat before running to rehearsal tonight so it won’t be so hard to pass up a $5 15″ sandwich from Cousins which would feed me for two days. Oh Mint and the many ways in which you keep me in line!


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