UWM Freshman Orientation ’08

My sister’s freshman orientation was Tuesday. Bekah is officially on board the “I am never attending another freshman orientation, even if it’s for my own kids” train. Yay Bek!

So while Bekah was off touring the campus and doing all that… stuff… my mom and I had some *grand adventures* (read: played Sudoku and napped on a bench in the Union) of our own. Actually- we were able to go out and enjoy a nice, longish walk through the neighborhood, which was fun. Hot, though. Man…

So good for you for attending all of the sessions, my Rose. Sorry your mom and sister had to counter you with a li’l hooky. For whatever it’s worth, I have no doubt we were just as bored, if not more so, than you were.

See? Doesn’t that just make it all better?!


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