Mustela putorius furo

That’s it.

I’m getting a ferret.

A few weeks back I went to visit an amazing, kickass, fireball new friend and her amazing, kickass, fireball girlfriend (sorry- new people just really make me happy!) and they had just gotten a ferret. He’s a super friendly, curious, excitable little guy named Wesley and I had a great time messing around with him and watching him explore the living room and– and just being a ferret.

It took all of 20 seconds of watching this little dude before I knew that a ferret just might be a suitable replacement for me since the cat option seems to have fallen through.

A few months ago I was looking into getting a cat. I was reading everything I could find online, contacting area animal shelters about availability, pricing litter boxes, food, and vet visits. I was so excited at the prospect of bringing a kitty into my home! :D

But then I learned that bringing a cat into this apartment complex would require a $200 security deposit to my landlord, and the cat would have to be declawed to even be considered since this would be my first time owning a pet and they tend to frown on allowing people who’ve never had pets before to get new ones while living here. Also: I have no interest in cutting off an animal’s toes at the first knuckle, but what if the cat I hit it off with at the shelter hadn’t been declawed? I’d leave it behind in favor of one I didn’t have as smooth a rapport with just because it had been clipped?

Diagram from Kindness to All Animals

Plus, I have minor allergies to cats. They’re nothing compared to what they were, and as long as I don’t hold my lids open and rub a cat directly onto my eyeball, I’m fine. But my brother, and my mom to some extent, still has fairly serious allergies to them and I’d hate to bring something into my home that made it so he couldn’t come over.

And then in the middle of all of that I lost my job and so I wasn’t able to afford any of it anyway. I would still love to have a cat, but that just doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now.

As for ferrets: I have to say I’m a little surprised I’m even considering them. As much as I want to get one now, this wasn’t always the case.

When I was a kid my family knew another family that had a few ferrets and all I remembered about them was that they smelled awful, they were viciously mean, and they went to the bathroom all over the house. That initial experience was just so off-putting I couldn’t understand the animals’ appeal, but knowing now that those were just mishandled makes a world of difference.

I’m not financially stable enough right now to get one, so I’m aiming for some time this fall. Not only will this give me more time to cement my finances a little bit, but I’ll have had more time to learn about proper care for them and all that. I know I know- you learn by doing. But if I can know more of what I’m getting into ahead of time- I’ll take it! And costs: the ferret itself will set me back $140 if I go to the Pet World here in town. I think it’s a good place to go, though, because the people that work there are so good with the animals in their care, and I want to know that the most recent people handling the animal were good to it. Plus, Pet World ferrets are all descented and spayed/neutered, which are two big pluses for me.

I’ll need to set aside some money for a good sized cage, a couple of litter boxes, food, toys, etc., and all together it don’t come cheap! But how exciting to finally bring him or her home!


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