Ferrets in Tights

I’m sitting at home after work, just wasting time on the internet, when who should call but my mommy wanting to know if she and my dad can take me out for ice cream.

Yes! For the love of God yes!

We went to Oscar’s, which I haven’t been to in ages, and I got a faaaabulous chocolate custard shake with Reese’s Pieces in it. Mmmmm… We talked about the opening ceremony of the Olympics… and ferrets.


I told them about my desire to bring home a member of the polecat family, and about how I’d gone to Pet World the day before to meet a few, so my dad suggested we stop by and take a look. The first one I’d held yesterday, a male with patches of brown, was already gone, but the two white females were still there. The one I’d held yesterday kept climbing on top of the other while she slept and gnawing on her ears trying to wake her up and get her to play. But Sleepyhead just wasn’t having it. I mean– the one on top was literally holding the other’s cheeks in her mouth and pulling on them with her teeth and the sleeping one would. not. get. up.

I sensed a kindred spirit in Sleepyhead. ;)

Ooh! Check out this neat blog I found on ferrets! The page I linked to is full of misconceptions about ferret ownership, all of which I’ve been offered as reasons not to get one. *yays quietly*

After my folks dropped me back off at my place I went to Blockbuster to use one of my free rentals for the month. *sigh* It’s a trip that never ends well. I can find things to rent at Blockbuster online- sure, fine. But I can spend a half hour in the store and still go home with nothing, or with something I care nothing about seeing.

And it doesn’t even matter that no one would know what I was renting. No kid movie, no teeny bopper flick, no hyper-emotional romance, no anything is too embarassing to rent because who’d know? I can literally take home anything in the store. And yet? Nothing. I find nothing.

So I picked up Robin Hood: Men In Tights to watch for the 27th time.

As is my wont, I traversed the net while watching my movie. I forget where I was- I swear it was some news article page- when I saw a link to an article about a pole dancing class in Georgia or Texas or some other hot state I have no desire to live in. I did a search for similar classes in my area and found a place that offers six weeks of once weekly classes for $85. I think I might sign up. I just, you know, won’t be able to buy groceries in August.

*meh* I’d been wanting to go on a diet anyway…


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