Is it cicada season?

My neighbors downstairs are grilling and I just heard the guy scrape a bunch of stuff on a plate and it struck me how odd it is to live in such close proximity to other human beings and yet to never interact with them at any time on any level.

I’m tired, I don’t like looking at my resume, and I’m sick of job boards because they’re full of things I’m not qualified enough to do, or I’d be required to sit and answer phones all day and I’m sorry but homegirl’s not having that any more if she can at all help it.

I’m tired and going to bed. It’s 7:45 pm. My hair is still wet from this morning’s shower. And I think I hear cicadas.

What kind of world is this?!



  1. Are there 蝉 (Cicadas) in America? I’ve never seen any there before.

    Every summer they come out in Japan. To Japanese people, their song is the “sound” of summer.

    I have a few “cicada” posts on my blog. (Enter “cicada” in the Search function of my blog).

    This one, for example, has a video:

    And this one has photos:

  2. There *are* cicadas here, except that you’re not likely to see or hear many of them most year. Here they go into hibernation for… I believe it’s 17 years… before coming back out. Some folks here call them the “17 year locusts.” I’m 26 so I’ve only really seen them twice in my lifetime. That’s so cool that you guys have them every year!

  3. >That’s so cool that you guys have them every year!

    Yes. Every summer.
    They live underground for seven years…and come out for only two weeks or so before they die.

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