“Dorris Tanner just likes horses…”

Should an opportunity arise to ever take part in “The Children’s Hour” in any capacity I shall be forced to turn down said opportunity on the grounds that I will not survive the run. This is almost harder to watch than “The Crucible“!


Why can’t the old woman listen to them? Why does she refuse to entertain the possibility that she’s wrong? That her awful wretch of a granddaughter who always lies might’ve been lying about this as well? Or that Lily is a crazy, stupid, self-centered old hag?

And ohhhhh mah Looooooord I want to smack! that Mary child and push! her off the balcony. Slap her lousy lying face and put her out in the street where she belongs! *whining, obnoxious, lying little…*

GAH!! I hate movies like this!

I didn’t know this is what I was in for when I rented it from the library. I just saw it on the shelf, and I’d heard folks talking about having done this play but had never seen it so I picked it up, and now I want to go to every elementary school in the area and ask who all the little girl bullies are and knock their heads together. Them and all the yellow bellied, scream-crying little gnats that let themselves be pushed around by them.

Why is this making me so mad? Am I just getting too much caffeine? Goodness’ sake… But have you seen this thing, though? I mean, really!

And real life is hard too, right now.

7:37 pm? Bed time already?

One day I will be old, and my life will be ending, and I will wish for my youth again, but I will never wish to revisit 2008. Or 2009. Or 2010…

ETA: The movie just ended.

The universe owes me an apology.

If you’re gay, or sensitive, or God help you if you’re both, don’t watch this movie with me because I am going to be screaming so loudly at the screen about injustice and being who you are the whole time that you’ll just leave in emotional shambles vowing never to watch another movie with me because it’s just too draining.


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