Dunlap Syndrome

I just checked my WordPress blog stats and it looks like someone found my blog by searching for “high cost of asphalt shingles.”

Boy now there’s something I never thought would bring me a reader…

Something I don’t like about all this blogging business is that when I update an existing post, the updated data does not transfer to my Facebook notes page where I’m importing all these entries. Some drag, eh?

Bag Ladies

Hanging with my mom today. Between me getting rid of a bunch of old things I never wear or use anymore that I had left here at her house, and she and Bekah doing the same, we took SEVENTEEN BAGS of STUFF to Goodwill today. SEVENTEEN. To be fair they were grocery bags and some of them were taken up mostly with shoes and old purses and other bulky items, but still- that’s a lot of STUFF!


I’ve been stumbling upon a lot of articles, blogs, pictures, protest rags, etc. lately of people fighting the system for not allowing women to go topless in public. I’m increasingly of the opinion that *nobody* ought to be going topless in public, thankyouverymuch. Especially around here in Wisconsin. Again and again and again it’s just some hairy bellied, middle aged man with tobacco stained teeth and a wicked case Dunlap Syndrom. Put a shirt on, dude. Cover that up. You nasty. (Though in the case of those linked guys, I have to hand it to them for, well, “embracing the gut.” Hard to argue with “beer pong belly”…)

Even worse, though, are the guys in good physical shape who run around shirtless. I guess if you’re out jogging for legitimate exercise I’m not going to fault you for trying to keep cool and maybe working on your tan. But there is little in the realm of posturing that is as obnoxious as being around a shirtless guy who can’t stop strutting and preening while trying to catch a good long look at himself in every reflective surface he passes. Fine! Yes we see you! Yes you’re a god among men! Now put some bloody clothes on and stop dancing around in everybody’s way!

The last thing we need is to have another gender with the option of exercising an utter lack of discretion (read: grossing Ruth out). Ugh. Forget about rights and fairness and equality, man. The sky high gross-out/obnoxious factor should be reason enough to just cancel all possibilities in this direction entirely! :P

HOWEVER!!: Should my dreams not come true of finally getting shirts onto Hair Belly and Ken Doll, at the very least we ought to make sure this sort of thing isn’t happening. Rights schmights, eh coppers? Poor woman. I’d’ve been frustrated out of my ever loving mind if something like that happened to me.

Energetic, highly capable self-starter blah with an eye for detail and a blah blah blah to join your blah blah team!

I’m getting a lot of feedback via Monster.com on my resume I recently posted there. This is all well and good, I suppose, except that it’s almost exclusively from places that need to beef up their staff of 23-28 year old cheery eyed phone sales staff, or places that are clearly choosing the WRONG keywords from my resume in their automated searches. I mean– you guys know me. Do *you* think I’d be suitable as a top level financial advisor? An engineering tech?



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