Grammar Peeve #2: Yay, Yeah, Ya

You know what bugs me?

When people write “yeah” when what they really mean is “yay.” As in:

  • Yeah, I read The Deerslayer.”


  • Yay! I never have to read it again!”

You smellin’ what I’m cookin’?

Taking it a step further, in a slightly different direction, we have the introduction of “ya” or “ya’” as a colloquial form of “you” (singular or plural, as in “you” or “you all”). As in:

  • Yeah, I read The Deerslayer, and I’m telling ya‘ it was just about the most God awful piece of horseshit I’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have to read. But that was years ago and luckily I’ve forgotten most of what happens in the book and it’s highly unlikely I will ever have to read that book again. Yay!”

I had a friend during college who would write “ya,” “yeah,” and “yah” interchangeably when what she was trying to express was “Hooray!” And don’t even get me started on “yeay.” What the hell does that word think it is?

We can overcome this one, folks. Work with me here.



  1. You should come to the UK..over here we get all sorts of grammar nightmares with “innits” and “issits” and all that.

    People here say “like” all the time..but I think we have you Americans to blame for that! ;)

  2. Ah yes, the cursed “like”! I must admit it plagues me as well. And on behalf of the rest of the country: I’m so sorry!! We’ll try harder next time to keep our obnoxious filler terms and phrases to ourselves.

    It’s just– it’s like a nuclear weapon, you know? You can detonate in one place, but there’s just no guarantee of containing the fallout!

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