Adventures in Auditioning

I auditioned for a show at a local community theatre tonight and I have to say it feels like things went fairly well. There were two characters I was interested in, and while I only got to read for the one of them once, I got to read three or four times for the other character and got to stick around ’til the end. So… that’s a good sign, right?

Jobless as I am… sigh… I figured since I had the time I’d attempt to do my hair for the audition. (If you know me, you know spending time doing my hair is a little out of the ordinary for me.) I’m not *all* thumbs with hair styling, but I am *fairly* thumby about it. But tonight? Tonight it worked and I am so danged proud because if it hadn’t I’d’ve gone wearing my hair in a bun.

Like I always do.

Every day of my life.

Since I was 16.

And because I am super proud, here’s a pic of the finished product. Ta-da!! :D And when I arrived at the theatre I was so glad I’d bothered because Jenny and Nicole both looked HOT and I would’ve felt like such a disrespectful cad if I’d shown up in my usual, semi-casual audition clothes. :S

My fingers are crossed pretty tightly on this one. With everything going on everywhere else in my life it has become even more helpful to have something to go to in the evenings. To be a part of something where somebody needs me and where I can contribute something real, check tasks off a list, see a project to completion.

There’s just so much going on these days that can’t be “completed.” So much that can’t be checked off so we can move on to the next thing. To be able to be a part of a process where you can see something through from beginning to end– it’s a beautiful thing. A therapeutic thing. A thing I need.

I hope it happens…

There were a few familiar faces there this evening, which was nice. Several people I haven’t seen face-to-face in months, though sometimes I forget that’s the case since I see most of them online on a fairly regular basis.

One o’ the ol’ familiars was a woman I did a show with at that same theatre last… May? June? It was great catching up with her. She’s got so much going on in her family right now- a major illness and a teenager with a newly acquired license; yipes!- and apparently there’s more to come. That seems to be the story of a lot of people’s lives these days; intensely difficult situations blindsiding families and we all just sit back and go “Well. That happened. Goodbye everything… So what’s for dinner?”

Talking with her I wasn’t able to really talk with anyone else before the auditions started, which actually really bugged me. Sometimes I forget just how much my social life is entrenched in the theatre until I miss an opportunity to reconnect at an event like this, and the absence of those connections hits me like a ton of bricks after the fact. I mean- Jenny K. was there and we’ve been friends for 7 years. Did we exchange more than two sentences? Nicole G. was there. Did we exchange more than one? I didn’t even get to read with either of them!

One of the people I got to read with tonight who makes me hope even more that this works out is a girl who tried out for the younger sister of one of the main characters. Gem of a girl. She just closed a show there and I can only imagine she was great asset to it.

I just reread what I’ve written here so far and it’s all so vague that I’m bored reading it and I’m the one who wrote the darn thing. *sigh* I just don’t like putting certain details into blog entries until I know how things are going to go, you know? Maybe I’ll come back and insert names and links after I know if I made it to callbacks, or, if I make it, I’ll wait until after they’re over.

26 years old and I’m still afraid of jinxing things? Ah phooey on that.

And now to even things out, a picture of my favorite stage makeup ever. When I originally tried it out I knotted buttonhole thread and stuck it into my eyebrow blood and told people in the caf I’d gotten my eyebrow pierced and that the piercing had ripped out when I took my sweater off too fast. Granted it all looked a little different then than it does here, but… close enough, yeah?

Vague and pointless entry: Over.



  1. Nice picture. That is a good look for you. Knowing you, I’m sure you did a fantastic job on the audition. Personally, I’m cheering for you and Jenny to play opposite each other again.

    I was at that same “local community theatre” last night for a Play Selection Committee meeting and took a look at those that were auditioning. I didn’t recognize any of the women of which there were not that many and I only recognized a couple of the men (Brian Z., Mark N. and a couple others).

  2. I would *love* to play opposite Jenny again. It’s been too long since we’ve done that; that girl is a blast.

    My friend Ben P. was there last night. I do so hope he makes it into this one. He’s a great actor and just a really amazing person in general. If this one doesn’t work out for him I hope he continues to audition at Civic; he’d be a great addition to their roster.

  3. So…why didn’t the director for “Philadelphia” let you wear your own hair for Tracy Lord? No comprende, senorita. :)

  4. @ Becca: I had to have red hair for the show. ;)

    And actually? I HATE wearing my hair down in shows! It just gets in my face the entire time because there’s so stinkin’ much of it. Any time a director asks me to wear it down they end up asking me to pin it back in the end because they can’t see my face if I don’t. ;)

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