I fell behind on my video blogging, and then I got tagged by Tia D and made three videos. See, Tia D? You’re all it takes to get me on a(n obnoxious) vlogging roll!

Video #1: My response to Tia D.

The deal is you have to make a video response sharing 5 things about yourself. I s’ppose ideally you’ll also tag other people to make response videos of their own, but I don’t really know that many folks on YouTube likely to make a response video to one of mine so I guess you can consider this me tagging you if you like.

Video #2: WordPress Search Terms

If you have a WordPress blog you’re probably familiar with the Blog Stats tracking features. If you’re not yet familiar with them then you should be because they’re awesome. One of the things WP allows you to track are what search terms people plug into Google that bring them to your blog.

I decided I wanted to make a Wordle image of the search terms that bring people to my blog so I’ve been pasting them into an Excel document so I can more easily alphabetize them and see just how frequently some of them come up because some of them reappear a LOT.

The following is a video listing of some of the more common, or more unusual, things people have looked up that have brought them here. Among them: bloody ducks, the first sin was intercourse, Megan Fox unclothed, skinny naked lesbians, high cost of asphalt shingles, nude photos Karen Kay third shift, tea can do many things Jane but it can’t bring back the dead,  and Dunlap Syndrome.

ETA: It just gets worse and worse and worse…

See: “Could Megan Fox Be Any More Perfect?” My favorite user comment on the article comes from someone who goes by “The Truth” who says: “All the females hate her! Why? Simple * it’s because they all want to look like her, but can’t Instead, they are plain, ugly, unattractive, fat, stupid losers. All the guys want their girlfriends to look half as good as her.”

Don’t bother telling me you love me if you just wish I was somebody else. Especially somebody else who’s just so… so impossible to mimic.

Video #3: “The Philadelphia Story”

I’m in a show that opens in November at a theatre here in town. Good times. The last time I was in a show I made a video I could post in different places to give people info on it. Figured I’d just keep that tradition alive…


In other news: The job search continues and I’m still painfully under or over qualified for every job I’m finding. People keep saying how there aren’t that many job openings out there, but that doesn’t seem to be the case where I’m looking. The problem for me so far is just that the jobs are all a poor match for my skill set. Not that I’d particularly mind being overqualified for a position if it was something I could just relax and enjoy, but 1) I know I’d go bonkers after two days of bagging groceries, and 2) those jobs don’t pay enough to cover my bills. :S

Where’s a good sugar daddy when you need one?

I’ve got until mid-December to find work, at which point my unemployment insurance runs out and I’m up a particularly dense creek without adequate means of propulsion.

And now, a message to my politically minded friends (of which I have many) who keep sending me emails (by the terabyte) about the November elections:

Don’t assume we’re voting the same way when sending me politically themed emails, or that the praise you’re forwarding for your candidate of choice sounds any less like the brainwashed silliness you complain about from “the other side.” For every “My Party’s Candidate Is A God Among Men!” link you send me that glows over your candidate of choice I have one that glows in an equally flashy and abrasive manner over mine while debunking everything your videos and links just plugged. Let’s just leave it at “we’re even” and assume nothing we say to each other will change the other’s mind. Because let’s face it: It won’t.

I could really use some Easy Mac…



  1. If I had the power, I would definitely make a response video to your “5 things”. However, I cannot; I have a pre-Intel Apple laptop, and hence no camera embedded into the frame of my computer.

    We do have a cat allergy/cat love thing in common.

    Good to have you back. I was wondering where you went.

  2. Should you ever find yourself in possession of some sort of digital video recording device, I’d love to see a video of any sort from you. :)

    And now, back to the non-blogging lethargy imposed by seemingly endless unemployment and a crippling lack of funds.

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