I love technology. Always and forever.

(The first portion of this entry was originally written 11/10/08.)

When you’re unemployed and no one cares where you are, there’s no reason to be up at 7 am on a Monday morning.

But by golly I was.

I didn’t even get up that early when I had a job…

born_into_brothels_lrgI’m on my third movie for the day after visiting Blockbuster and the library. The first was too embarrassingly poor to mention, so we’ll start with number two, a documentary called Born Into Brothels. It follows American photographer Zana Briski‘s time spent in the red light district of Calcutta. In it she befriends the children of prostitutes and teaches them photography, helps a few of them get into schools, and sends one for a week long trip to Amsterdam to… study art? Ice skate? I don’t recall exactly what the base purpose of the trip was…

Interesting to see that side of the district through the viewfinders of a bunch of children, but so heartbreaking to see in the end how many of them either gave up the opportunities to get away from those hardships, and those who had these new opportunities taken from them by their guardians. And why do these guardians take these opportunities from their children? Because they need to keep them close to help make money? Sure. And out of jealousy of their potential to get away from the life that has already taken their own youth and destroyed them? Ah… Perhaps…

Maintaining the Indian theme of the evening I’ve moved on to The Mistress of Spices. I got it because I want to be Aishwarya Rai when I grow up, just– not Aishwarya Rai as she is in this movie. Yawn. The other downside of the movie is Dylan McDermott. Bigger yawn. The one upside is Zohra Sehgal. That woman could appear in every movie I ever see from now on and that would not be enough. She just looks and acts like someone you want to love.


All righty dighty. Back to the present.

Just closed weekend number two of “The Philadelphia Story” at the Waukesha Civic Theatre. It’s been going really well, and I have to say I’m shocked at the  number of friends of mine who’ve come to see the show. I never have this many friends in attendance so it’s literally one *wow* after another when I step out of the green room to see who’s out there. It’s just so much more fun to get up there when you know you’re sharing the fun with people you actually enjoy and care about, you know?

Digging a few boxes out of my storage unit in the garage today. Got to find the rest of my winter clothes (Current temp: 34 degrees) and then figure out where in the heck I put my plastic window wrap. The windows in my building are awful about letting in drafts, but I’m hesitant to turn the heat on until I find a job. :S

On the subject of money savers, I’m thinking of lowering my internet connection to the next speed down and cancelling my Blockbuster subscription. $48/mo is just too much to be paying for internet access, and $13/mo for movie rentals– while still a great rate– is simply more than I can justify. I forsee a lot of evenings in the near future that feature me trying to make out shapes on the one local channel that comes in- in rolling, static filled black and white- on my TV set. :S

blog_rabbitearsWhy is it that nobody seems to be able to pick up tv stations any more unless they have cable? And I’m not talking about all that HD crap and getting those boxes and everything. I’m talking about– Well don’t you remember how when you were a kid you could just turn the TV on and there were anywhere between 10 and 20 stations that came in crystal clear? It was wonderful! No need for cable, no need for fancy converter boxes. Maybe a set of rabbit ears was perched permanently atop your set, but that’s a cheap, one time purchase, and with enough tinfoil counterbalanced on the ends of the antennas you could be golden for years with those things.

But now… I remember when my family first moved into their current house in 2002 and couldn’t get a single station without getting cable. I mean: NOTHING. Even went out and bought a fancy, expensive antenna to attach to the set (cheaper than cable!) and still they got ZERO reception even on local channels.

I never thought I could cancel movies AND fast internet. I thought I was too weak!

But Blockbuster? Yep. This will be my last month. *sigh* It was nice while it lasted. :P


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