I less than 3 you, Peter Zarafield

i *heart* you tremendously, Zar. I can’t help it. And this entry? It’s totally for you.

So I’m at home on a Friday night, right? I called, texted, and emailed like 11 people to see if anyone was free to get together this evening and nada. Everyone’s either at home doing family stuff, doing school stuff, not really up for going out, out with other people, out of the area, or not responding.



Got my ramen. Got my Sam’s Club Cola. Got the knocking and thumping of my noisy new upstairs neighbors. Got my walrus. What to do? What to do…


su-one-more1So I Stumbled. A *lot.* And I mean a WHOLE FRICKIN’ AWFUL LOT. Having finally completed watching every episode available on YouTube of Penn & Teller’s “Bullshit!,” showering (unrelated), garnering my highest score to date in Word Challenge on Facebook, and responding to at least half of the emails piled up in my inbox that I just keep not getting to, what the heck else is there to do?

Besides write.

Or read a book.

Or finish the dishes.

Or sort my laundry.

Or bag stuff for Goodwill.

I Stumbled Upon a QDB quote and I usually just laugh at them and move on, but tonight I actually bothered to visit the main page and check out the Top 50 and 1337 pages and I literally roared at a few of them. Roared and thought of my friend Peter. My dear, dear, ridiculously awesome friend Peter. So Peter? These are for you…

Quote #1: This one actually reminds me more of another friend of mine with whom I’m waging a constant battle of attempting to prove I’m not as predictable as he claims. If only he was wrong…

JimBob2814: I actually tried Superman 64
JimBob2814: yes, it is.
Rawlsaur: Is it actually as bad as they say?
Rawlsaur: …
JimBob2814: no, you’re just predictable
Rawlsaur: Are you psychic or something?
Rawlsaur: …
JimBob2814: NO I WON’T
Rawlsaur: …
JimBob2814: haha

Quote #2

(@eliaz`medal): i have broken two of my erm
(@eliaz`medal): foot things
(@eliaz`medal): extensions
(@eliaz`medal): those little thigns on ur feet
(@eliaz`medal): 5 on each ::
(@eliaz`medal): :/
(@eliaz`medal): dunno name
(@Ched): toes?

Quote #3

Commander_598: Heath Ledger dead.
Kroko: …what
Kroko: are you serious
Commander_598: Assuming CNN Headline News isn’t just making things up.
Latis: No, he’s dead.
Kroko: holy crap he is
Baconfish: have they finished making batman yet?
Kroko: yes
Kroko: I think
happydud: imdb lists Batman as in post-production
Baconfish: phew
Latis: awesome. We’re safe guys.

Quote #4

<Tomm> … I am speechless.
<Tomm> I was randomly watching Youtube stuff when I saw a link to Never Gonna Give You Up
<Tomm> And I thought to myself… “Hey, that’s a cool song, and I haven’t heard it in a while”
<Tomm> So I clicked it
<Tomm> …Chocolate Rain.



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