You are collectively my “It’s Complicated”

Shot a… um… a “thing” today for a health show on Lifetime, but I’m sleepy and it’s not a terribly exciting story so I’ll save it for later. In fact- I’m saving everything for later. Screw story, screw format, screw points of interest. Bah! Bah, I say! I’m here, it’s late, I’m exhausted but still up. Time to traverse the web and bring back links for my readers and friends.

Will the links be awesome?


Should you like them just because I did?

Of course.

Is our friendship effectively over if you don’t visit at least two of the links provided?


And so it begins…

College Humor

The first few links are from, an exceptionally funny site. But no fair following these links and getting distracted by other links on their page. You’ll leave the rest of the links here feeling all left behind and lonely… and unwanted… and unloved… and a little fat…

Viral Video Politician: “A Presidential candidate does his best to get views for his video.”

If The Other Party Wins: “One thing’s for sure: the person you disagree with is going to ruin the country.”

Hardly Working: The New Girl: “Facebook changes everything.”


Moving right along to my second love (after Barraco’s), is YouTube. Ah YouTube. Eternal fount of all things embeddable and mind-numbing.

Tiny Tim singing Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”

Shuga Lee Lewis singing Jerry Lee Lewis’s “Great Balls of Fire”

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I laughed at and enjoyed that second one. And I didn’t even forward through it. Heck no. Watched the whole thing. Twice.

“A mark, a yen, a buck, or a pound”

Our Tax System Explained: Bar Stool Economics: “Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this…”

Milton Friedman discussing the concept of Greed on Donahue in ’79

The American Recession as Explained By a Canadian: “Much like breasts, economies can never be too large, which is why it’s important that they’re always slowly growing, and one of a few reasons why we’re so disappointed that breasts don’t.”

And so we can end this blog entry joining together in a few moments of “Holy. Freaking. Crap.”: Smart People Stuff…

Science and Technology

The Ghost In Your Genes: Basically says that stuff you do may find a way into your genes and get passed on to the kiddies. Wowza.

Children’s Faces As They Play Video Games: Minus any commentary from me one way or the other, or advocating or denouncing anything from the article itself, I’m including this link for the sole purpose of linking you to this kinda crazy video footage.

What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?: I think this is how I’m going to determine who I have kids with- you know, in the event that I should decide I’m a sadist- so I’m guaranteed to have green eyed offspring. Because let’s be honest here: Don’t green eyes rock harder than any other eye color?

That’s it. I’m all learned/laughed out. You’re on your own from here.



  1. i’m checking these out tonight ’cause they all look really interesting! and…um….mrs legouchviolin is in a play and i’m not and i have WAY too much free time in the evenings now…and i’m youtubepooped…and…and…yeah.

  2. i finally got a chance to check out the funny stuff (loved great balls of fire) and some of the not so funny stuff – was actually pissed off enough by “bar stool economics” to post to it. frankly i get pretty sick of rich bastards whining about how much they pay in taxes. at 60K a year a 1% tax increase for someone like me would cost me $600 dollars a year (and the reverse in terms of a tax break) – meanwhile if Biff the rich guy making 60M a year got a 1% tax increase it would cost him $600,000 – let’s say he’s already paying something stupid like 50% in taxes (which, by the way he isn’t) – at a 51% tax rate he would still clear 29.4 MILLION DOLLARS – poor widdle rich guy – whereas I might have cut back on going out to dinner occasionally – the poor widdle rich guy might have to change which south sea island resort he’s buying! Not going to, BUYING.

    Rich guy: “Oh Muffy! The horror! Another 1% in taxes – looks like we’ll have to forego buying that resort on Antigua…we’ll have to get the one on St. Kitt’s instead!”
    Rich wife: “Oh Biff! It’s all the fault of those horrible horrible democrats, they’re worse than communists!”

    And if the gov wanted to pay for stuff it would get an additional 600 from me (drop in the bucket) but a LOT more for the rich guy. And with enough rich guys paying into stuff we could have free health care, a good (and free) educational system for everyone and freaking money left over. (If we didn’t flush it down the military-industrial toilet).

  3. *pffft* Cleeeeearly you’ve never seen the resorts available at St. Kitts! Ghastly.

    Actually– with the crap job the government seems to do no matter how much of our money it takes, I’m hesitant to see it take SIX of my dollars, let alone SIX HUNDRED. *shudders*

    Though at this point I’m so deep in the hole I probably wouldn’t even notice it was gone. :P

    As for the fire and the ferrets and the balls– my plan is to get a job and then bring home two ferrets from either the Milwaukee shelter or the one up by Appleton. Hooray ferrets! I’m so excited!! :D I’ll have to throw a “Check It Out– Ferrets!” party, of course, and you and Jenna are so invited. ;)

    Don’t bother penciling anything in on your calendars just yet, though. That “get a job” part seems to be a rather long time in coming…

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