“I’m not a baby. I’m a tumor.”


I’m home alone watching Hellboy II: The Golden Army and it just doesn’t feel right. This is the kind of movie you watch with friends! Not shivering by yourself on your couch with a walrus of few words. :S

Ooh– what’s this? A bag of Sun Chips from the old man? Nevermind! All is well! :D

selma_blair1I have to say that as much as I love Ron Perlman in these Hellboy movies, the real surprise to me is how much I like Selma Blair in them. And no, Mr. or Ms. Snarkypants, it is not just because in these movies she’s often on fire.

For the most part I could take her or leave her as an actress. I don’t think she’s bad, I just don’t think she’s often very… interesting. Not in the pictures she generally chooses, anyhow. But I really like her in these movies. I don’t know what it is that she’s doing differently here, but I dig it.

Wait wait wait– So I just Googled her and– is her web site really called “Spunky”?!? Oh and seriously? Skip Feast of Love. It sucks. Hard core. Really really bad. And predictable. And boring. And played out. Just awful. Something in the trailer- God only knows what, at this point- caught my eye so I added it to my Blockbuster queue and oh God. No. Just so bad.

I saw her in a short film on YouTube this summer and enjoyed her performance in it. Kind of an odd one. Worth a watch if you have the time.

Art… Almost

I recently engaged in an extremely (to me, anyway!) thought-provoking conversation about art, theatre, acting, where I think theatre is headed, why I enjoy acting, why I’m into doing community productions, etc. etc. etc. Very interesting conversation. I’d like to have conversations like that more often. A lot more often. I need to talk these things through. I need to hear what other people think in as specific of words as possible, and I need to hear myself say what I think because until I hear it myself say my thoughts out loud I often don’t realize how stupid some of the things I’m thinking really are. ;P

But I have to say that as much fun as I had, I left the conversation feeling like all I’d done was prove myself to be an over-confident cad, and a fool with no real opinions grounded in anything more than my own closed minded view of performing. Though I’d been listened to, engaged with, and spoken to as though I might actually have something to say that was worth hearing, I left feeling like I needed more time so I could defend myself and my kiddie opinions. So I could justify my immature responses. So I could clarify my aimless ramblings by perhaps rambling aimlessly a bit longer.

So many things I hadn’t thought of before. So many things I don’t have any real responses for, or don’t know what my opinion is on them, because I haven’t ever been asked for my opinion before. The whole time it was like just discovering what I really thought, even though surely I must’ve thought it all along.

I could get into some of it here, but to be totally honest I’m just too bloody distracted by Hellboy and its use of The Eels to say anything of substance about the arts so I’m leaving it alone for now.

But I’ll come back to it! Eventually! I promise!

All in the Family

winter-walrusGetting Alfred- it counts; he’s family- all geared up for winter. We’re supposed to get a foot or more of snow in the next couple days, and when you’re only 7″ tall, that’s a heck of a lot of white, fluffy stuff to have to learn to navigate. I’m trying to teach him about heat loss through the head, but I get this feeling like he’s just not listening to me. I’m bigger than him, though, so when I say it’s hat time, it’s hat time.

Watched an episode of “The Closer” with my folks tonight. Made me want to shoot the TV. I was stopped only by the adorable weight of a sleeping dog in my lap which I could not bear to disturb, and my lack of a gun. I’ve seen episodes of this show before and been able to handle it, but tonight? Tonight everything every character did either made no sense or was just so flat out obnoxious to witness that it made the show utterly unwatchable. I think that show may’ve just run its course with me. Kyra Sedgwick’s annoying lips, the frustrating writing, the intolerable characters… I’m sorry, TNT. But it’s over.


And now? A new, must-watch Christmas classic:

My family is celebrating Christmas this Saturday. Mimi’s coming to town tomorrow afternoon, hopefully arriving before the snow really starts to fall. Don’t know what our plans are specifically aside from a turkey dinner on Saturday evening, followed by… um… Geez. Really just don’t know. Wish I had some good board games or something to bring over. Or a good movie. Or– or a bottle of Tanqueray.


I’m only still writing because the movie is still playing and I can’t just sit and watch. But I also can’t subject you to any more of this… this. My apologies, dudes.

In conclusion: I have a new remote control and can now go back to watching DVD special features.



  1. Selma Blair is talented when she wants to be. She has that HORRIBLE show on … NBC? … and she’s great in it. But it’s unwatchable.

    Also, don’t watch TNT’s “Leverage” I think it might cause brain diarrhea.

  2. @ Shane: No way, dude. Careers mean deadlines, and I’m just too lazy for those things.

    @ J: You really do need to watch the embedded video I have of her in this entry. I mean- think what you will of the short film itself; I don’t care. But her use of her voice, her thousand subtleties– it really is a brilliant performance. the more I think about it the more she really just stands out in my mind as someone I’ve very unfortunately over-looked for much too long.

    @ Ben: So long as you bring the water wings. (I get nervous when I can’t see the bottom. :S)

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