“I was raised by a rapper and rhino that dated.”

I have a post I need to write, but I keep not writing it because I’m lazy. Topics continue to accumulate, ideas continue to swirl, but I don’t do a darn thing with them. It’s just my way, it would seem.


Guilt-free frozen custard consumption. Yummy.

So this? This is my guilt post. My post I’m writing for myself so that every time I log into my WordPress account I’ll see this and feel bad that this is all I have written here and I’ll feel like I *have* to write something new.

Topics to be covered:

1) Don’t hit on me if you feel a need to make use of a wing man because chances are I’m going to be a lot more into him than into you. Especially if he’s wearing a sweater, a blazer, and a bling necklace featuring a scorpion medallion, loves deep dish pizza… and you’re smoking.

2) Deciding which New Years plans to go with.

3) Threading.

4) How to write honest critiques of artistic endeavors involving people you admire without being a jerk but while still being honest in your opinions.

5) The results of the following poll which you MUST respond to if you’re reading this page:

If it doesn’t show up in Facebook, click the “View original post” link at the bottom of this entry. And if you don’t drink vodka, or aren’t overly familiar with any of the brands listed, just choose whichever one you get the impression you’d probably prefer based on which of your vodka consuming friends argues the most loudly is the best.

Personal feelings of guilt: Inflicted. My work here is done.



  1. I voted for grey goose. Also, I’m writing this comment on my new ipod touch, which is awesome. I thought your blog should be the first to benefit from it’s ability to be sweet as hell.

  2. I’m kind of afraid to play around with the ipod touches too much because I fear the levels of tech envy I could reach in doing so since there’s no way I can afford one. :S

    How much is it a month (or is it per kb transferred?) to access the internet through one o’ them things?

    Oh and btw: my blog and I are much obliged to you for making us your first. ;D

  3. The iPod touch just accesses the web via wifi, so there’s no data plan to speak of.

    It’s a cool toy, but my old iPod died yesterday and I needed a new one. Hence I went for the coolest thing they had.

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