Thank you, 2009. . .

…for starting off on a better foot than the one on which 2008 ended.

Monday: Auditions!
Auditioned for “Don’t Dress for Dinner” at Waukesha Civic Theatre. Director I’ve never worked with before, actors I’ve never worked with before, good times all around. Lots of wet snow to navigate, but lovely to look at.

Tuesday: Job Interview!
Got a call from Aquent to attend an interview for a position that sounds pretty fun. The interview is tomorrow morning at 10. So woohoo for that, too.

Wednesday: Callbacks and Casting!
Callbacks for “Don’t Dress for Dinner” were last night, followed by an email saying I got the part I wanted. So woohoo for that. I’ll include more details in a later post, or perhaps just lower here; this is enough awesomeness for now.

Thursday: Moola!
Checked my bank account online and discovered I received an additional unemployment extension after all and that it had already been deposited since, as directed, I’d been claiming weeks even after my initial amount ran out. In honor of this I have the heat on and did some much needed grocery shopping this afternoon. Woohoo yet again.

Friday: Art and Friends!
Tomorrow’s the interview, then lunch with a friend, (then renewing my driver’s license :S) then an art showing at a theatre downtown, then karaoke night at the Ugly Mug for… someone’s birthday. I forget whose. Anyway: more woohoos.

Saturday: Ben!
Ben! I saw Ben! Ben Ben Ben! And I had a sandwich that was really good! And I saw Ben!!

Sunday: Food and Friends!
Brian. Birthday party. Beer. Buffalo wings. FREE! Running out of woohoos over here at this rate. ;)

In other news…
Watched a ton of DVDs this week. Nice to get back into that habit. Caught about 7 or 8 old, crappy flicks via episodes of MST3K, and watched The Dark Knight, 9 1/2 weeks, Memoirs of a Geisha, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and then all of Season 1 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. It’s a wonder I got anything else done this week. :P

I did, though. Somehow. Lots of cleaning, time spent with the fam, auditions and callbacks, laundry, organizing paperwork for tax season… It was good. Good good.

And now? Time to wrap up the day and prepare for the travel and wackiness of tomorrow. Phew!

Don’t Dress for Dinner
by Marc Camoletti

Presented by the Waukesha Civic Theatre
Directed by: Mark E. Schuster
Stage Manager: Kristen Radeunz
Costume Design: Sharon Sohner

“Be prepared for an evening of riotous confusion as this breathtaking farce races through a romantic week end gone awry. The setting is a French farm house. The plot is a carefully planned weekend with a chic Parisian mistress. Bernard has remembered to arrange every detail; a cordon bleu chef; wife sent to visit her mother; and best friend invited as a cover. Foolproof plan? Don’t count on it.”

Mark Neufang as Bernard
Matthew J. Patten as Robert
Donna Daniels as Jacqueline
Chelsey Peterson as Suzette
Ruth Arnell as Suzanne
Scott Fudali as George

Performance Dates and Times
March 13 – 15: Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 8 pm, Sunday at 2 pm (8, 8, 2)
March 20 – 22: Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 4 pm and 8 pm, Sunday at 7 pm (8, 4/8, 7)
March 27 – 29: Friday at 8 pm, Saturday at 2 pm and 8 pm, Sunday at 2 pm (8, 2/8, 2)



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