Excuse me– 2009?

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What’s the deal, ’09? I thought we had something good going on here. What’s with the bipolar thing all of a sudden? Last week: Rock awesome. This week? Erm…

Alfred and Patches Takin' a Snooze

Alfred and Patches Takin' a Snooze

Monday: Nada
Nada. Well– except for getting this super cute picture of Patches napping on Alfred.

Tuesday: Did a thing
Did a thing at 1. It was fun. Saw Libby A. and Chris F., which is always nice.

Wednesday: Was an idiot
Had an audition scheduled for noon today with a company I’ve never auditioned for. Very excited. Been looking forward to it for over a month. Had it in all my calendars as being today from noon to three. So this morning? I took my time getting dressed and then messed around online for a while before I realized “Ohmygod! It’s 11:45 am! I shouldn’t leave my place at noon! I should’ve left at eleven!”

How do I do these things? How? So prepared, and then BAM! Accidental idiocy.

I threw mascara in my purse, ran out the door, arrived ten minutes late to the audition wearing no makeup without having done my hair and in clothes I still wasn’t quite sure about, before discovering I only had enough change for 33 minutes in the parking meter for an audition scheduled to last from noon to 3. Luckily, however, I had the foresight to arrive late at the audition. . . so when it ended much earlier than anticipated I returned to my car to find I still had 4 minutes left on the clock.

Wednesday Part 2: Was disappointed
I stopped at Blockbuster on my way home to exchange my most recent rental, “I, the Worst of All,” for my second free rental of the month. I hadn’t been in there for two minutes when my phone rang. It was my contact at the staffing agency that got me last week’s interview. He was calling to say I didn’t get the job.

We talked. It was fine. We hung up. I cried. By myself. In a corner. In the back of Blockbuster. Like a dope.

I left with “Get Smart.”

Thursday: TBD
Come on, Thursday! Please go back to being cool!


Nice things to think about to help keep life in perspective:

Dad 'n' Patches

Dad 'n' Patches

1. Camille Dalmais (Thanks Ben- she’s awesome! And a must-watch. Check out the “Money Note” vid on YT…)
2. Affordably priced vintage style dresses
3. Metric
4. McSweeney
5. Our new president’s favorite movies
6. My celebrity nemesis- for no other reason than that she’s successful solely because she’s attractive- Jessica Alba was nominated for two Worst Actress Razzies; one for “The Love Guru” and the other for “The Eye.”
7. No one and no thing (outside of psychological disorders) can stop you from dreaming. And dreaming? It’s pretty cool.
8. Finding Jesus
9. Neuskool
10. Small acts of rebellyon



  1. two things: patches w/ alfred is too cute. your dad is a handsome guy.

    i’ve been doing the yo-yo with ’09. must be something going around.

  2. Aw, man. That sucks about the job. I had a lot of big disappointments during my unemployment period. I had one job that was absolutely perfect. It built on my preexisting talents, it was in a beautiful location about 10 minutes from my house, it paid more than my last job and everyone there seemed so nice. When I didn’t get the job, I was devastated. I really thought I was going to get it.

    And now I sit in a job downtown, where I have to pay in order to just get to work every day (parking or bus, pick your poison). I am paid less than my last job. I sit next to a woman with some serious personality disorders (no hyperbole there). My commute is nearly an hour long due to having to take the bus. The company I work for is crumbling around me to the point where I’m not sure if they’ll hire me on once my contract is over. It’s just not the happiest of times. But at least I’m working, if that means anything.

    Wow, I’m all doom and gloom. I really suck at heartfelt commiseration. I blame religion, but I blame that for everything.

  3. For some reason I wasn’t notified of these comments like I usually am. Sorry for the silence, dudes. :S

    @ Keturah: The good news about things that “go around” is that eventually: They “go.” Here’s hopin’ things turn a corner pretty soon. It’s been great reading what you’re up to with the teaching thing on your blog. How exciting! I’m so glad you found something so *seemingly* quickly and easily. There’s always more to it when you know the inside scoop, but from the outside it sounds like all kinds of great. :D Hooray!

    @ Glynn: Oh my gosh. That *is* a devastating let down. :( I’d be crushed, personally. I mean: I’d get over it, as you seem to have done, but initially that’s just such a downer. Do they still have your contact info? Could that lost opportunity ever return? As for your current gig: perhaps I ought to count my current unemployment as a blessing. ;) After all: I have no commute and the only difficult person I have to deal with on a daily basis is ME!

    @ Jake: Yes! I actually went as her for Halloween in ’06. She definitely qualifies as the stuff of heroes. Definitely.

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