The title is the hardest part

Had an audition today. My hopes are low, but it was great getting out of the house, out of the ‘sha. They said they’d let me know one way or the other fairly soon (my last audition with them they let me know the very next day), but I think I already know…

The upsides? Auditioned opposite an awesomely talented actor, two very nice, pretty, and far-cooler-than-I women chatted with me in the lobby, and the woman directing the show hugged me hello. I know nice people do nice things like that to everyone all the time, but when I spend so much time by myself and then meet those nice people and they do those nice things to me it just throws me completely for a loop and makes me happier than I can stand and I absolutely love it.


Inside Bella Caffe'

Met up with Parmanifesto at Bella’s afterwards. For as excited as I get at the prospect of seeing him you’d think I’d make ways to do so more often. *sigh* I am a lazy ass. Anyway- while there I enjoyed a yummy (but pricey!) pumpkin spice latte, the last several swallows of which I had to leave behind in my cup because they were *chunky,* for lack of a better word. It was fantastically hot and tasty up ’til then, though. But boy that’ll teach me to splurge when I really can’t afford to do so; the real thing is rarely as good as one’s memories of it. :P

*Geh* My hands still reek from pulling mounds of wet, sloppy onions off the turkey sandwich I bought there. *shudder* What’s wrong with people?! Onions? Piles of them?? On an otherwise delicious sub?! Boggles the mind.

Which way?

Which way?

Stopped at the library on the way home. First thing to greet me was a $20 bill lying in the middle of the main entryway. I brought it to the front desk so the owner could claim it and apparently if no one does so in the next 30 days then they call me up and the twenty is mine. Woo hoo! That’s heat for a week! :D

Picked up a PBS documentary on Frank Lloyd Wright and “Parlez-vous Francais? Learning French: The Basics.” Here’s to a rockin’ good time in front of the TV with Alfred tonight. Perhaps even better than last night’s “Murder, She Wrote” 4 episode marathon, including the Season 3 “Magnum PI” crossover. Ooh that Jessica Fletcher. She’s a crafty old gal!

I currently owe the Waukesha Public Library $6. $2 for a documentary about the Kindertransports, $3 for a documentary about living with/dying of AIDS in the 80s, and $1 for a Vincent Price flick. Yeesh.

Had an interview for an office job yesterday afternoon. Remembered to remove my nose stud and put my phone on silent. Two points for me! The typing test, which featured a missing-word-typo, threw me a bit by requiring a double space at the end of each sentence, and the Excel test marked two of my answers wrong in error. And the Word test? Don’t get me started. What year of Office is this test based on? The 1965 punch card roll out? It went well all-in-all, though. The place is less than 3 miles from my apartment, (Joy!), and the position starts at 8:30 am and lets out at 5 (Rapture!). They said I’ll know within a week or so if I got the job or not. Here’s hopin’.

This onion smell is making me sick and my coffee breath is positively rancid. It’s times like these I’m glad I live alone so I don’t start losing friends over my inadvertent pungency.


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