“It’s a Kafka high. You feel like a bug.”

Here’s the long-story-short-too-late version of last week’s adventure: I went to a Clem Snide show in Madison. It was fantastic.

My head is all over the place right now so I’m kinda having a hard time settling down and writing about it. To further emphasize that point I apparently can’t type either… (which I originally typed as “My head is all over the place3 right now so I’m kida having a hard time settling down and righting about it. Te futher emmphasize that point…”)

There’s just no fixing some people.

Me yammering on about the show before and after my late night jaunt to Madison:

I got some video of a few of the songs played during the show, but I mean to tell ya’: My footage sucks. A lot. My camera just isn’t designed for that sort of environment- by which I mean THE DARK– so you can’t see a bloody thing most of the time. When you can see anything it’s all shaking around like to make a person sick as I had to hold my camera at arm’s length above my head to get a clear shot, all while being jostled about by other patrons who had the good sense not to bother trying to film a show with a digital photo camera.

I also got some pictures, but none of them really turned out either. Just not the night for such things, it would seem. Not for me, anyhow. But I can live with that. Just got to make sure to get it right next time around…

Adios, folksies.

(The title of this post is taken from David’ Cronenberg’s 1991 film Naked Lunch, adapted (sort of…) from a novel of the same  name written by William S. Burroughs.)



  1. what does website mean?
    Watched the video. You are so beautiful. This summer, short or long, we can take a trip. Lake Geneva, July17-23…first class. friends welcome, sorry not for overnight, but maybe. love you, Mimi

  2. Hmmm… I’ll have to give Clem Snide a try. Though I anticipate not being in the mood. I have been in an angry, death metal mode lately. Death Metal is not at all in line with my normal taste in music, but there’s something about a bunch of dudes really giving it their all, ‘singing’ a song about Thor that makes me want to run through a village with a torch, burning thatched roofs and hitting people with things.

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