Wining ‘n’ Dining in Waukesha

Ray’s on South

Ray's on South

Ray's on South

I visited Ray’s for the first time this afternoon and was so pleased with every aspect of the place that I had to write this entry just to have a place to talk about it. So far I can only speak for their Stacked Deli Shaved Roast Beef with provolone and a side of tater tots, but oh those things I would speak are massively flattering. The sandwich was delicious, and the tots were as crunchy and awesome as food should be when it had previously been reduced to little more than a yummy childhood memory. The staff are friendly, the dark wood furniture is gorgeous, the booths are roomy, the bar well appointed, and I believe the place is smoke free. I didn’t see any signs saying as much, but I also didn’t smell any smoke or see any ashtrays. The icing on the cake? Free WiFi! I can’t recommend this place highly enough. Go as soon as you can, and then go back.

Generations at Five Points

Another Waukesha joint I would recommend is the newish Generations tapas bar. Nice little place between Tha Shop and the CricKet store at the 5 point intersection. It’s got a nice, clean feeling atmosphere, and a pretty sweet menu that changes monthly. It’s one of those tidy little places referred to as “chic” by locals who’ve grown tired of having to choose between the area’s competing menus of deep fried bar food. The bartenders know their game so the drinks are well mixed, and the waitstaff are universally friendly. I haven’t tried the food yet but everything I’ve seen looks like a must-try. The specialty martinis veer towards being a bit pricey, but the environment you’re paying to enjoy is a nice one so I’d say it’s worth it for all you martini guys and gals out there. Like Neighbor’s (under the old and the new owners…) it can get a little too loud given the size and shape of the space when there’s live music, but most nights it’s perfect. And at least the music they play there is good.

Chill, Fine Wine & Martinis

Gulden Draak

Gulden Draak

I plan on trying out Chill some time soon. Anybody know anything about it? I didn’t even know it existed until I parked near it today but it looks like a neat little place.

ETA: Had a drink at Chill tonight and it’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re into smoke free locations with architectural character. The overall crowd leaned just north of 40, just south of AARP, and seats about 14 people comfortably. If you’re fortunate enough to be one of those 14 people it’s really quite nice, though with limited floor space it’s not really ideal for standing around. It’s kind of like attending a house party at the home of a college professor who taught a course you never thought you were interesting enough to take. The bar itself is small- about like the stand alone type you might purchase at a high end furniture store to scoot into the corner of a nice sitting room- with room for three chairs, one bartender and a few shelves of high end drinks. I didn’t look at the wine list- because who am I kidding: I know nothing about wine- but the martini specials all sounded yummy. In the end I decided on the Cherry Squirt and it was delish, though a tad strong for my taste. Chill also carries two neat sounding brews I’d never heard of before, each of which weighs in at a hefty 10.5% alcohol: Van Steenberge Brewery’s Gulden Draak and Piraat Ale. The only real downside to the place is that it’s not open very often or for very long; a few hours most week nights, and 6 to 12 on Saturday evenings. If you can get in, however, it’s worth a peek.

Sprizzo Gallery Caffe

Sprizzo Gallery Caffe

Sprizzo Gallery Caffe

Holy cats! I haven’t been inside Sprizzo’s since they moved into their new location across the street from the old one but wow does it look sweet from the outside. And that patio/yard area? I NEED to enjoy a coffee out there some Saturday afternoon this summer. NEED to. I passed by this afternoon during the Art Crawl and my eye was immediately caught  by a series of large paintings they had hung on the outside patio wall. Are those always there? Any for sale? Fun and lovely. The fact that it’s also got that smoke free/free WiFi combo makes it all the more appealing. Oh yeah– and the food’s good too. ;)

In conclusion, check out this super cute slow loris:



  1. Those beers you mention are examples of Strong Belgian Ales; the Piraat is a Golden Strong and the Draak is a Dark Strong. If you liked those and want more like them, try out Delirium Tremens and Avery Salvation.

  2. If I had a normal digestive system, I would eat at all of them within an hour.

    Are you anticipating the opening?

  3. @ Jake: I didn’t actually try either as I’m not much of an ale gal, though if I were I supposed I’d have as much reason to like those beers for their names as for any other reason. Maybe I’ll have to stop back there and give ’em a whirl and report back to you on my experience. ;)

    @ Ben: I am absolutely anticipating the opening. I (finally) posted a new blog entry about it yesterday afternoon, followed by an additional post late last night about my dress rehearsal adventures thus far… :P

  4. Very nice ‘reviews’, Ruth… you should include a review of Taylors People’s Park. I love that place – good wines for cheaper prices and delicious sandwiches and burgers.

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