Honduras Blog #2: Alfred!!

Note: All links open in a new window. Also, I was ready to post this last night when the rain knocked out the internet, so the ending is from then. :)

Friday, 7/31/10
Friday was errand/housework day at Mimi’s as we prepped to head out, so I’ll skip the details. I mean– y’all know what going to the bank and taking out the trash are like, right? My mom’s brother Bill came by around 3 pm to pick up Mim’s dog and to carry our bags down to the minivan. Thank God, too, man. Those things were heavy!! Four large bags, each weighing in at 50 lbs.

Speaking at Mimi's church

That night we went over to the vacation Bible school at Mimi’s church, Christian Life of Chicagoland. The “theme”(?) was Kingdom of the Son, which my mom worked with back when we went to Brookfield Assembly. Er… back when it was Brookfield Assembly.

The kids at this VBS were having a contest to see who could bring in the most offerings for Miss Skip (aka Mimi ;)) and the girls won by less than a dollar. A narrow win, girls- congrats!! After Mimi talked briefly about where we were headed she asked me to come up and talk for a bit about what it’s like being a kid on the mission field. Somehow most of the stories ended up centering on bugs. Hmm… We ended the night there passing out popsicles to the kids before they headed home. Good times. ;)

Outside O'Hare

We got back to Mimi’s around 9:30 pm not quite tired enough to sleep, but knowing full well we had a looong day ahead of us since our first flight would be at 5:35 am on Saturday.

All three of us just sorta paced around the condo, nipped in and out of the news (all boring, all bad), and finally lay down around 11:30 pm, already in our clothes for the next day.

If you follow me on Twitter, you know there wasn’t much sleepin’ going on that night; a little less than an hour of it, in fact. We were up at 1:40 am, on the road by 2:15 am, and unloading our bags onto the curb at O’Hare at 2:55 am. GAAAHHHH!!

7/31/10, Saturday

Now now, little dude. You know how jumpy Red Bull makes you...

We’d checked our bags, made it through security, and settled ourselves in at our gate by 3:20 am. We were supposed to take off at 5:35 but something was wrong with the plane’s radio so we had to wait 45 minutes for it to be repaired. We knew we only had an hour between flights once we hit our first stop, Houston, so we assumed we’d be spending the night in Texas to await the next day’s flight in to Toncontin, HN.

The pilot made an announcement that they’d already notified all of our connecting flights of the delay, however, and that they’d wait for us. Sweet! But there was little doubt our checked luggage wouldn’t make it off the first plane and across the tarmac fast enough to join us as we continued on our way.

As soon as we landed in Houston, Mimy and I RAN a span of about 3 blocks to get to our next gate, huffing and puffing the whole way, loaded down with a rolling carry-on suitcase, and two 30+ lb, over-stuffed back-packs. As I rounded a corner a woman called out to stop me. GAH! All I can think is “Don’t slow me down, lady! Can’t you see I’m on a mission here?!” But I’m so glad she interrupted me, because what she was trying to tell me was my backpack had unzipped from all the bouncing about and my beloved walrus Alfred had fallen out and lay on the floor 10 feet behind me! AAAAACCKKKKK!!!

After my brief rescue mission diversion I was back on course. Mimi and I finished our run to the sound of our names being called over the intercom. Twice. But at long last- we made it. Hallelujah!

Explaining low pressure to Alfred

As soon as we found our seats I scrambled to call Aaron for one last “I can’t believe we can’t talk for a month!” goodbye, and to record a “please don’t leave me voicemail messages” cell phone. I haven’t been off the phone-grid for this long since I was still young enough to have to ask permission to make calls. :S

Mim and I discussed the changes we’d have to make to our schedule for the next few days since there was no way our checked luggage would make it to our new plane in time to travel with us. All of the medicine, etc., as well as all of our personal belongings (save for a few extra shirts and socks we’d stuffed into our carry-ons), were in those checked bags. A woman on a mission team (there were at least three teams on the plane with us) overheard us and said to open our window shade. She said a new baggage truck had just sped over and maybe our things would be on it.

My first real meal in 18 hours!!

We looked out just in time to see the truck open and to watch ALL FOUR of our bags get unloaded and transferred up into our plane. WAHOO!! We’re back on track!

Our 6 am O’Hare to Houston flight had earned us each a palatable chocolate chip(?) muffin, but as all we’d had for breakfast was a slice of toast at 2 am, by the time our second flight took off at 9:15 we were starving! Enter: The Three Cheese Omelet Pita. Sweet Mercy Jane that was a welcome and delicious meal! They also served us muffins, which we made a go at eating (dry… *pant pant pant*), and bananas, which we decided to save for later.

Yes. We saved bananas to bring with us to the banana capital of Central America.

Mimi's and my bed, somewhere under all the meds

There’s more, but it’s 10:19 pm (11:19 pm “our time” back in the states) and I only managed to sneak in an hour nap this afternoon after arriving. 2 hours of sleep in just under 48 hours simply isn’t gonna cut it, friends. Time for bed in our beautiful, recently cleared of PILES of medicine, bedroom. I’ll have to take a picture for you of the mattress… ;)



  1. Wow! What a great adventure you have set out on. How fun to be doing this with your grandma.What great memories you will have. I will be following your blog. Interesting how life works that you were given the gift of this time to make this mission. Prayers for your safety and for the good work you will be doing.

  2. Glad to hear the traveling worked out for you and Mimi, as well as for Alfred. Love the pics and stories! Take care of each other and enjoy every day.
    Miss you already!

    Wesley and Brody are fine by the way. They send their love.

  3. This is so fun! If you started out with such adventure already, it can only get more and more crazy–the best kind of mission trip. I can’t wait to read the updates. You two gals have a good time and try not to lose Alfred….

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