Honduras Blog #9: Guests

It’s 10 pm on a Monday night in Honduras. Mimi and I are in our pajama tops and shorts, sitting side by side on the edge of the bed we will share that evening.

Mimi: Look at all these bites. *points at red bumps around her knees* Do these look like bites or is this a rash? *pokes at some of the bumps* I think it’s spreading.

Me: *nods* Yep.

Mimi: Yes. I definitely have more than I did before. And they itch…

Me: *noticing for the first time that I have bites and a rash around my own knees* Hey… Lookit. I have them too… *pokes at itchy red welts*

Mimi: Ruthie… *pause* I don’t think these are mosquito bites.

Me: *suddenly realizing it is a little strange that for all the random, non-mosquito-bite-looking bites I’ve been finding scattered around my body over the past few weeks I have yet to see a single mosquito* Nope.

Mimi: *pause* We might have bed bugs.

Me: We might.

Mimi: Well… goodnight…

And with that we climbed into the bed and went to sleep.



  1. Hmmmm. Those bargain rates are looking less and less like a bargain. I like showers daily. And sleeping without bedbugs is a def in my book. See u again I hope.

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