Honduras Blog #11: On the Range

We’re back!

Mimi’s and my flight from Houston to Chicago got in right on time– maybe even a bit early?– last night. Dad picked us up at O’Hare at 10pm, and after a “brief” (read: irritating) delay due to I-94 BEING CLOSED AT RAWSON AFTER BEING LIMITED TO 1 LANE MILES AND MILES AND MILES AHEAD OF TIME WHILE NO ACTUAL CONSTRUCTION WAS BEING DONE, we made it back to my folks’ place around 12:30 am.

Slept great last night–at long last! wahoo!– and enjoyed a gloriously warm shower this morning. It didn’t feel right using all that water, though, so I made use of my new custom of turning the water off while shaving my legs. Anything less just feels so extravagantly wasteful.

I hope to get over that feeling soon. :P

A couple more days from the trip to post about, and a few more pictures to put up, and then it’ll be time to put these Honduras Blogs to rest. But that’s all going to have to wait ’til Monday, methinks. Now it’s time for friends, family, and ferrets.



  1. I didn’t even know you were gone, that’s how long I’ve been away from WordPress. I will read them all, but not tonight!

    After you’ve seen friends, family and ferrets, maybe you could hang out with this fag.

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