Comings and Goings

Believe it or not, this is a bedroom.


This is how it looks after mega-emptying, cleaning, and sorting, and three major furniture moves.


Believe it or not, I am going to have it straightened out by the first week of November.


Some people have junk drawers. Some people have junk closets. Guess which kind I am?


Believe it or not, I am going to be done by the first week of November in spite of taking a week off from working on it starting tomorrow.

That’s right– a whole week away from the activity that has kept me busy the past week and a half: Cleaning My Apartment. Boxes have been emptied, papers have been thrown out, folders have been organized, and plastic bins have been filled and shuttled over to my parents’ basement. This past week and a half? I. Was. Awesome.

As for my week away: ROAD TRIP! My mom and I are leaving tomorrow morning for a drive through South Dakota. What can I say? Some people just really know how to have a good time.

That said: I’ll be away from the internet for most of the week, (save for the times I’m able to do some job searching online at whatever wifi eateries we come across, and hopefully in the evenings at our hotels) so if you need me… Too bad, suckas.

Mom: *looking at a map of South Dakota* Potato Creek? What dork named some of these places? Sorry I just insulted 137 people.

Me: It’s better than Bare Butt (Bear Butte).

Mom: One of their smallest cities is their capital. Why’d you put it there if you don’t even like it?

Do you see now why I cannot wait to spend the week with this woman?



  1. Hmmm. Better than Bear Butte. One of those classic phrases that will resonate though the ages. I worked for a time in Paradis. Did they forget the e? No, it’s Cajun French for Paradise. This little swampy stop on Highway 90 was not Paradise, only well, Paradis.

    1. *hee hee* And now you’ve moved on to Tegucigalp.

      Oh! Brilliant idea for an HN restaurant catering to English speaking expats: Tegucigulp.

      See? Now if this whole “missionary thing” doesn’t work out you’ve got a promising career ahead of you in restauranteering with a name like that leading the way for you. You’re welcome.

  2. Julie and Ruth, Love you!! so happy you are able to take such a great trip. ENJOY! keeping you in my love and prayers. Mim

    1. It’s a spare mattress from my parents’ house. It used to be mine… or one of my siblings’… when we were growing up. I moved into to my guest room in my apartment three years ago when I first moved in, but never got around to bringing over the box spring and frame. Never mattered since no one’s ever used the room and it’s generally just a place to store boxes. I figured three years was long enough to go without making the space livable. ;)

      1. Oh good- so I don’t need to add a bed to our needs list for you? Have a great time with your Mom- at Bear Butte or Potato Creek or where ever you 2 wild women end up!!

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